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  1. Thanks Stu, I have seen it in the previous post somewhere. Does it include torch and other lights? This should be the first thing for dive operators to mention but I guess it has detrimental effect on the booking.
  2. Nikon 105mm is another good one. Very sharp and nice Bokeh.
  3. North of Bali would be my choice too but I haven't been there around Dec-Jan so I can't confirm about the weather. For diving in Thailand during Nov to May period, it's better to be on the west side (Andaman side) of the peninsular as it is sheltered from the south east monsoon. Most of the best dive sites in thailand (i.e. Similan islands, Richelieu Pinnacle, Hin Dang Hin Muang) are accessible by liveaboards leaving from Phuket. If you go with the non-diver, it's probably best to stay at a resort and take a dayboat trip to the local dive sites. A lot of resorts in that region can offer scuba diving as part of their services. For diving at similan Islands you should stay around Phuket or Khao Lak areas as Similan Islands is part of the National Marine park so there isn't any private resort or dive ops on the island. However, you can stay in bungalows or tent run by the national park on Island no.4 (and 8??) but they are pretty basic without a/c. Electricity comes from the generator which is turned on for a few hours after sunset. Depending on what you're after - Khao lak is a smaller,quieter and less develop place than Phuket. However, there are more to do around Phuket. If you prefer a quieter place away from the hustle and bustle of Phuket with a decent dive, then try Koh Lanta. It's relatively close to Hin Dang Hin Muang so daytrip diving is possible. There are a few reputable dive shops on the island like godive lanta. There are also numerous resorts ranging from expensive like Pimalai to mid-range such as Baan Laanta to fisherman cottages. From Singapore you can take a flight to Krabi and get to the island by minicab (and ferry) in an hour from the airport. Alternatively, you can fly to Phuket and it takes 3.5 hours by boat to get there. Another place you can also look at is Koh Raya. It is a smallish island on the south of Phuket with 3-4 upmarket resorts. It's a relatively very easy journey. The beach is pure white and the diving around the island is quite good. Hope this help...
  4. Thanks Drew, Thanks Cat. Will follow your advices and let you know how it goes.
  5. Many many thanks for both of the swift and detailed answers. We've just booked our flight today and I can't wait to go. We checked with exotic and the rooms are not available already (may be because it's chinese new year that weekend?). So we are looking at Mangrove Oriental but I've heard it's a trek getting to the dive shop every morning. I guess no electricity during the day can be a nuisance for charging batteries but I can bring a few extra rechargable batches and chargers to make the most of it during the night. Does the shower work when the electricity is turned off? I'd need to change the lense between the dives and would need to rinse it during the day.
  6. We are planning to go to Malapascua in February for 5 days. We thinking to do the Thresher shark early morning dive and then may be macro stuff in the afternoon. Does anyone have any good experience to share? We are not sure where is the best location to stay if we are looking for a quiet get away but without having to walk too far with the camera rig to the dive/port. For the dive shop, we are looking for a small group and a guide that dive well with photographer. Cheers Si
  7. I haven't come across any underwater camera rental shop in thailand yet. Perhaps there are some in Phuket but I suppose it'll be a compact set up, not the DSLR. Liveaboard trip in Thailand generally last for 4 days at a time. Most of them leave from Phuket to go North/South of Andaman and return to Phuket for a few days to resupply. The route is often alternated between north and south. So your option can be to take the north Andaman trip for 4 days and return to Phuket for 2 days and take the south Andaman trip with the same boat again. If you don't want to wait, youcan also change to boat and hop on to another liveaboard the day you return to Phuket. Try these below http://www.mermaid-liveaboards.com/ http://www.panunee.com/ http://www.philkade.com/
  8. Laptop and camera should work fine in tropical locations. Remeber that people in asia carry cameras and laptops around too and they don't always have the AC on. It's rather the condensation caused by sudden change in temperature that can short the circuit. If you are worrying about the condensation forming inside the housing underwater, as jlyle suggested, put a pack of silica gel inside the housing and allow about 30min to absorb the humidity inside, depending on how big is the cavity. Or if you don't have it and desperately need one then ask somebody to start up a car and turn on the AC, let the cool dry air go inside the housing and it should do the trick. The condensation may form outside the housing afterward but nothing to worry, your housing is waterproof. Be careful not to open the housing again outside though.
  9. I use Sea&Sea Dx-D80 with NX Fisheye Dome Port. Come in all black to match my other black equipments Sea&sea discontinued the production of the housing so you need to check the availability from the shop. For a good Over/Under shot you probably want as wide angle lense as you can afford. Have a look at Nikon 10.5mm as sugeested above. It's my favourite lense. It's a very sharp lense and give a very vivid colour result comparing to another lense when shooting at the same condition.
  10. Gasp. Wait. Let me guess... Inon? I think Sea&sea strobes are not bad. Unless you have a different experience, I think they are well designed, robust and yet quite compact.
  11. Most of the camera bags are either too small or way too thick to pass the new airport hand luggage restriction. I started with taking everything that I need with me on board. There's no point of having housing and strobes if the port is lost with the checked in baggage. To maximised the allowance, I just modified my normal Carry on case by stuffing the lining with protective layers (load of bubble wraps) To stop thing rattling around, I underlaid the bottom of the case with foam-cor cardboard with holes cut to the same size as the port. If you have a big dome port, you won't be able to find a place to put the strobe on that cardboard. I bubble wrapped them and place them in between the ports so that it's keep everything in place. You can put the lenses inside the port, but make sure you also wrap this as it might stratch the acrylic part of the port. This way I manage to put everything inside a single case. It even has room for my regulator. Everything else like memory cards and arms can go in the external pouches or the zip compartment
  12. I agreed with ScubaSpen. If your trip includes Richelieu Rock then it is definitely worth taking the kit for Macro. To add to the list harlequin shrimp, spotted trunkfish, ribbon eel are also known residents. Elephant head rock and Koh Tachai are ok for Macro photography. In general, the macro opportunity is quite good. The diversity is far better than redsea but, of course, not as good as Indonesia.
  13. I've just got a new rig today, DX-d80 with dual sync cord and 2 YS-110s. So I'm not familiar with the camera or the rig yet. Basically, I'm trying to get the strobes to work. I slided the sync connector to the camera's flash shoe, sync cord is connected to the bulkhead (not the converter). Strobes are set at Manual1 slave off. Does this suppose to work automatically. So far, nothing happen yet. The flash responded to my optical preflash check (shooting flashes to the strobe optical input) but not with the sync cord. Is there any setting on the camera that I should be aware of? thanks in advance
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