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  1. Like New - Canon Video Camera with Underwater Housing and Lights - $800 Selling a complete underwater video system in optimal condition. Set it up and it is ready to go. The system is complete with: - Canon Vixia HF10 16 Gb camcorder in perfect condition includes battery, battery charger, USB cable see EXCELLENT rating from CNET at http://www.cnet.com/products/canon-vixia-hf10/ - Ikelite Underwater Housing #6090 includes all original pieces plus port cover, colored filter, spare o-ring, and instruction booklet see this page for specs and info http://www.digitaldiver.com.au/shop/product/6090 - Ikelite Pro Video-Lite 3 100 Watts includes video lite head, NiMH battery pack, ball socket arm, cable with in-line switch, battery pack pouch, battery charger with 4 plugs, mounting hardware, instruction booklet see this page for specs and info: http://www.digitaldiver.com.au/shop/product/6341.06 The system was gently used a handful of times and takes great quality underwater video. The camcorder can still be found for purchase in the US (see link above) but the housing and lights are no longer available. Comparable systems cost much more and this one is charged and ready to go underwater and start shooting now. Note: one minor blemish on the light occurred due to accidental switch-on out of the water for a few minutes (see photo of light only with red circle around blemish). It does not impact the functionality of the light in any way but it is visible See posting on Honolulu Craigslist for more photos if interested. Thanks for viewing!
  2. For Sale: Ikelite Tray with Release Handle for Olympus, Canon or Other Housing with a Standard Tripod Mount. IKELITE part #: 9523.01. Included: Original instruction booklets, anti-rotation kit, wrist-strap and original box. Condition: item is used but in good condition - it's solidly built and has no signs of corrosion. No parts are missing. It has been on less than 50 salt water dives. Please see picture below - what you see is what you get. Price: $50 FREE SHIPPING to the continental US. Payment by Paypal. Any questions, let me know.
  3. Update: this item has been SOLD.
  4. For sale: barely used Ikelite 6 inch dome port for lenses less than 4" (5503.50). I have used this dome only a few times, it has no scratches and no marks. I have used it with both a Nikkor 12-24mm and a 35mm. I am selling it because I don't use it anymore. $100 for the dome, O-ring, original booklet, registration card and original box plus $8 shipping anywhere in the continental US. I can ship elsewhere but in that case the shipping charge will be different. Payment by Paypal, please. If interested, contact me via WP or write directly to adona9 at gmail dot com. These are photos of the item for sale:
  5. SOLD: Ikelite Exposure Value Manual Controller, part 4100.6. I have used this item on a couple of trips, first to control my only strobe (an Ikelite DS51) and then to manually control my smaller strobe while the larger one was TTL. It has been handled with care and it has always worked without problems. $60 plus $6 shipping anywhere in the continental US and Canada. I can ship elsewhere, but the shipping charge will be different when shipping abroad. Payment by Paypal, please. This is the actual item.
  6. The version by ce4jesus is what I imagined when I saw the original. Then I scrolled down and saw it. Nice. I like the softness of the shadows, although perhaps I would add some blacks.
  7. I, like the others before me, prefer the one at the top as well. It has a nice spherical feel, it almost seems three-dimensional. The grouper is cool too, but the blurry edges and the blue top are not in its favor. Just my $0.02.
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