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  1. This was a hard one! It gives a new meaning to "kill your darlings" when you are asked to select ONE picture from a whole year. Anyway, here we go: This picture was taken during a liveaboard with Solmar V in November 2009. The trip took us to Socorro Islands, and this picture was taken at Rocca Partida, the most remote of the islands, where we had three days of outstanding diving. This may not be my best picture, but it is one of the pictures that I feel proud of, and that really represents one of these moments where you really feel privileged and humble. My buddy, the frog(man), is Anders Salesjo. This pic was shot in ambient light with a Fujifilm S5 Pro and the Nikon 10,5mm/2.8 Fisheye in a Seacam housing. Cheers and good luck, all of you, during 2010! Ingvar Eliasson
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