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  1. I have one Inon UFL-MR130 and Saga adapter for Nikon 60mm f2.8 D (the old one) for sale. I have used it four times only and its as a new one. With my new born i have not much time to go underwater. You can see some photos taken with this lens and the SAGA adapter here: http://www.forobuceo.org/phpBB2/viewtopic....p;&start=80 If interested please contact me at estebantore@hotmail.com The lens is in Spain. Thanks! Best regards, Esteban Toré
  2. The first olympus E3 were sold in November 2007. The seatool housing is coming on June 2008? I think seven month are too much time to wait. Now camera models are changing every year , if we have to wait so long we are one year back in cameras technologies. They should change their minds and do the housings with one month since the model is in stock.
  3. Somebody knows where can i order this nexus housing? The shipment will be to Spain. Thanks for the info.
  4. My favorite photo from 2007 in Maldives with an Olympus E330
  5. It's true that if you apply the rules strictly you can't say the photo breaks them. In this case, I propose to amend the rules so this kind of case will not be repeated in the future. I understand that a picture of a hunter may not be in the same place that a picture of nature. They are different things that have to be in different places. Like is not mixed in the same Web hiking and trophy hunting. As much as I tried I still have not found a single photo nature web where you can see photos of a hunter. This photo may create a precedent and that may cause more photos from spearfishing published in wetpixel. For example on the subject of next week (camouflage) I don't think it wil be a good idea publish photos of spereos camouflaged waiting to take his piece.
  6. It’s hard for me to understand all your words and write in English, but I will try with the help of google traduction web … I will talk about Spanish Mediterranean sea and canaries part of atlantic ocean that is what I know. However I think the situation is the same at least for all the med sea. Every one knows that the big problem is the industrial fishing and the drag methods of fishing. It’s the first way to fight, but you can’t excuse in it to say spearfishing is not doing any damage in the fish population, its much more than you think. I wonder where did Mr Wishbone get those Knowledge of fishing industry… Your maths are not very well, first of all because these kilos you are talking about are from very different species of fish. It has not the same environmental impact to take one ton of sardines in a legal fishing ground in the North that spear one female grouper in reproductive cicle and in a protected area of the med. There is no doubt that Mediterranean sea is over exploted, so why do you have to do more damage to it? I want to answer some things that you said: You say the TRUE nature of spearfishing. I hope it will be in general terms not only the true you want to see. Any chance in sandy 15m bottoms of posidonia? Posidonia fields are where fish spawns and many predators goes hunting. When you beging spearfishg (15 years ago) bottoms of posidonia whas full of fish. I will nominated you for the oscar of positive environmental impact. Can we see all your photos first? If that is true you have to be blind if you don’t see the difference between 15 years ago and now. Ask your first generation of spereo how was the med before, where are the black groupers now? I dive for some 15 years like you and I’ve seen lots of spereos. Now I’m diving 2/3 times a week and I always see 2/3 spearos in each dive. 90% with illegal species, not respecting sizes, reproductive cicles and protected areas. 10% with legal captures and fishing in non protected areas. That’s what I see every day, and is not what I think spearfishing is or should be. Ok sorry for my words, they take all the edible fish they see, not matter if it’s protected or not. The problem is that there is nothing to fish because there is no more groupers and big fish so they has to fish any thing. The months you can see more spearfisher here is in summer, when all the species are reproducing. They don’t care if the fish are in reproductive cycles. They don’t care if they take a female or an octopus with spawns. They don’t care if they have to go to a protected area the only that matter is to go home with a Trophy. I’m not a vegan. I eat more fruit and vegetables but I also eat meat and fish. In spain 70% of fish in the market is from fish farms so I can easily find farm fish. You can see the fishing method of what you buy. Yes I kill indirectly fish to eat but I’m not contributing of sea harvesting. However is not logic to think that only vegans can be against spearfishing. I eat meat but I’m totally against bull fights. Why? Because it’s a downgrade way to kill animals and we do for our own joy not to survive or to take meat to the table. Spear fishing in a 90% is a sport, they kill for joy, not a way to take fish to the table. If Mr.Wishbone is in the 10% I congratulate him, but I think this is not the reality of spearfishing, at least here in Spain To think that what I'm doing is good because there are others who do worst than me is not a good thinking. Please open your minds and think that Now its time to react and change our way of interaction with the nature. No more excuses like the others make more harm than me, every drop counts. I’m not an ecologist or naturalist I’m only an underwater photographer who wants one day in the future to go diving with my grandson and show him all the beauties of the sea, not only sand and rocks.
  7. I belong to another diver forum (forobuceo.com), the bigest in Spain, where there are the best Spanish underwater photografers (included the underwater world champion Carlos minguel) and i can assure you that a spearfisherman photo will be erased in few minutes. We can´t be neutral on fish killing for joy.
  8. You must say better: if one doesn't subscribe to YOUR thinking, there is no point in a debate. If there is no more points of view than yours, why do a debate? Its very simple: You support spearfishing and i im totaly against. I respect people who do spearfishing but i dont like this and i try to fight against. I will never go to a spearfishing web to say im against, but i tought wetpixel was a nature web defender and im very surprised to see that is not
  9. Sorry about that. My english its very basic What is D.S. ?
  10. Thats obvious. In my country, at least, a policeman has a weapon to defend people not to kill. Do you really think the spearfisheman in the photo has a speargun charged for free diving joy?? Come on. A children of 5 knows this page is not suporting shark haunting. Even if you see the image alone you know the photografer is against shark haunting You only want to see the image, but the photos of the spearfisher in POTW are cleary defending wildlife harrasment.
  11. Thats your own words: And do you know any photo nature WEB where nature hunters photos are shown????? Please if you know one, refer it to me.
  12. There is a very big difference: This photographer is doing this job to condemn whaling hunting. In the spearfisherman photos of POTW there is no condemnation of spearfishing. They are proud of what they are doing.
  13. Im not complainig about POTW rules im saying that in these photos there is a POTW rules violation on point 3: Wildlife harrasment. A charged speargun is only for one thing: kill fish. And to kill a fish is wildlife harrasment here and all over the world. Other thing is that you don´t want to see it because you support spearfishing. A nice example: I cant find a photo nature web (for example: www.fotonatura.org) puting in her pages a photo of a bird hunter! Dont you see its not normal????
  14. Of course you wont see any wildlife harrasment neither here... Here in the mediterranean sea speargunners kills everything they see. Now you can´t see big animals any more. Do we have to wait until that happens to react?
  15. Header says: WETPIXEL.COM digital imaging for divers A diver is a person who practices scuba diving or surface supplied diving. Surface supplied diving refers to divers using equipment supplied with breathing gas using an umbilical cord from the surface. Scuba diving is the act of swimming underwater while using self-contained breathing apparatus. Please change header to avoid people get into the wrong place: WETPIXEL.COM digital imaging for divers and spearfishers
  16. I also admire the sport of freediving but this is very different of spearfishing. Divers must protect the sea. If wetpixel its suporting spearfishing im very disapointed on it and i will not post any more images here. STOP KILLING FISH BYE.
  17. And what for is a charged speargun??? I think wetpixel its for divers not for spearfishers. Spearfishers are fish killers and this is wildlife harassment. I will nor post any more images until these photos are erased.
  18. This shots are violating rule number 3 of POTW: No wild life harrasment http://wetpixel.com/competition/index.php?...try&id=4562 http://wetpixel.com/competition/index.php?...try&id=4433 A charged speargun has an only purpose: Fish killing
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