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  1. I have used neoprene covers on my Inon for years. They go on before the strobes get put into a carry crate I use. I pop them off into the wash tank before diving. I have found that Ikelite has many round covers, not necessarily for your specific strobe which will work quite fine. Also, after washing and drying, leave them on the strobes at home
  2. I bought thte EM-10 Mark II and am very happy with it
  3. Hi I have shot cameras in Olympus and Ikelite housings for a LONG time. My overall conclusion is that the Olympus OEM housing are more ergonomic especially for p&s cameras. The have an O-ring which can be tricky to keep clean and install properly. They have external springs in the pushbuttons. None of which are showstoppers. Accessories for Olympus are usually over priced. While the Ikelite housing are bigger and more rugged, very don't handle as well. The range of needed accessories is greater for Ikelite. As said elsewhere, there are some kits being offered which are quite nice. Do a comparion of the two setups. Buying point is which strobe (INON S2000 are small and lower priced if used). Ikelite D51 series are good but need a digital adapter). I am selling the S2000 if you are interested. A wet adaptor lens is good to have.
  4. I have a INON S2000 Type II for sale. Will include an INON fiber optic sync cord. I will need to know you location to estimate postage?
  5. BTW I just saw the RX100 Mark III in Classified offered by Kcalder223
  6. I have several Maha chargers and no problems. That we cant find you line is an old put off. Go to the dealer you know and tell him if he wants to keep you as a customer, then he should DO something
  7. sbonev, yes Panasonics are known for good lenses, but IS there a housing for it and how much does that cost?
  8. If you want to stay with a compact camera, then look the Sony RX-100 older models. I have the Mark II in an Ikelite housing and it works fine. With that housing having a 67mm port, there are several wet lenses which can be added. The Oly PEN systems have come down in price, but UNLESS the camera offers flash TTL, I would steer away. Goto to Cathy Church's website for her comments (she is an Oly fan). Also see what Phil Rudin says. I am selling my complete old Oly PEN E-PL2 rig since I just bought a OMD E-M10 Mark II in a Nauticam housing. Beware the Nauticam prices are higher for all components, the systems are more complicated and they weight! P.S. my original plan was to buy the Oly XZ-2 and get a housing for it. Bought the camera can NOT find a housing anywhere~
  9. I am master diver and photographer, trying to find a buddy who wants to go to Roatan between now and mid-July? I am interested in photo instruction but not locked in to that. I will be coming from Jacksonville FL
  10. Weefine is not the type of u/w light you need for super wide angle. IF you want a strobe, need one with a wide beam angle and which can be moved around on arms. IF you want a continous light for like video, you need many lumens and a diffuser. Yes I have three Inon D2000s and one is for sale. Good strobes
  11. leepix

    WTB Inon S2000

    I have an Inon D2000 Mark 3. In good condition, with sync cord. I have a ball mount on it now, but can change that. Will also include 4 Ennelop AA. No diffuser. Other parts like arm and handle optional and negotiable. Asking $300 including USPS in states and Payment by PayPal.
  12. Housing looks pretty salty, are there any scratches on the glass port or back screen?
  13. I would use a flat AL tray with holes in each end to mount which ever arm system you choose. I don't think the articulated knuckle arms can be locked in tight? ULCS and Ikelite have many different parts to put together. The little extra weight a metal tray would add, also balances the rig so its upright.
  14. I have Pany 8mm and Oly 9-18 zoom. I have done a lot of wreck diving mostly with the old Nikkor 16mm FE. A fisheye lens can give you more dramatic photos, but you have to have plenty of light when you get off the wreck or away from structures. The Oly FE zoom lets you get closer for some shots like inside and still shoot wide outside. I shot the old Nikon F2 with a big Ike strobe. I have be using Inon D2000s for several years now and one will probably cover 80% of the wide shots and all of the inside shots. I carry a second attached but don't use it all the time. IF you are only going to buy one lens I would say the Oly 9-18 zoom. Then work you port selection to also cover FE fixed in future. I had to give up my Zen glass ports for Nauticam plastic to cover the lenses I have. They will go up for sale next week. BTW I just started shooting the Oly 12-50 "electric" zoom which I have a port for but not the gear ring.
  15. I have an old dive buddy who has had bad luck with cameras going to Fiji next month. So she asks me what about a simple camera. I said the TG-5 and Oly hsg (cost ~). Now here is the tough question: What lighting would you recommend for simplicity sake? Weefine ring light, a single bright LED, or an Ike DS-51? (I also have an extra older INON D2000 mod 2, but that would be beyond her). Jack at Optical Ocean has a kit with Kraken/Weefine Ring Light 1000, camera and hsg. She is a great diver but cameras are sometimes a Bridge Too Far~
  16. Looking for the Olympus PT-054 housing, can be used in good condition. Will consider other housings like Ikelite or Nauticam IF the price is right?
  17. Old Ikelite rings had that problem. I think they sitll sell sets of narrow neoprene strips with sticky on on side. Came it three thicknesses. You were supposed to put them on the rings and then tighten down the ring screw. Those might do like Jack has suggested? Since the Nauticam is without the ring scew, I think you could put them on lens barrel. same as Jack hoping they will stay stuck? Though I do like the set screws that Stingray used.
  18. Should I presume that there is NO way to sync the Olympus flashes to any other systems such as INON or Ikelite fiber optic?
  19. CF, yes I have a very little used Tokina like that. In JAX. Take Paypal (but might have to adjust price do to the swipe feel? ). Lee 904-220-7734
  20. I think going to a large sensor compact would be a distinct upgrade to your current Oly rig. I have RX-100M2 in Ikelite housing which a little larger but works fine. I have looked hard at Canon G7X for my dive buddy and think that is a superb camera. Mirrorless maybe better from a system flexibility viewpoint, but more costly and cumbersome. Would be like going from grade school to college skipping high school~ Also take into account the wet lenses that are compatible with both RX and G7X. And the port system with the Canon uses.
  21. I just bought a Nauticam housing for Oly EM10 Mk2 with #36132 4.33 inch port to put in front of my Pany 8mm FE. Simplest setup, and a little smaller than the larger dome, BUT I am NOT shooting macros.
  22. thanks I will be shooting stills mostly in CFWA and yes some sunbursts. Thanks for info.
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