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About Me

Born in France, raised in the Southern Pacific, Vanuatu -the happiest country in the world-for 7 years and New-Caledonia for 2 years, until it was time to go to university in Europe. More lifetime spent in Paris but still an islander deep in the heart.


Love South East Asia, old Leica cameras, my Canon cameras EOS7D & 70D, Burgundy wine and Brunello di Montalcino sipped with a white truffle bruschetta, Hungarian Tokaji on blue cheese, remote islands in the sun like Molana, Havelock or Nacula, Bandaneira in the midst of the spice islands, Tuscany or Budapest weekends, the people of Fiji & Vanuatu, bislama (langwej blong mifala), tuluk (the best snack in the world), spicy thai food and travel photography.

Traveling the furthest away I can afford at least three times a year, - more like four times on the good years-. Maybe diving is for me an alibi for traveling further and taking more photos.

My favorite dive spots :
- Ambon : hardcore muck paradise, beauty tucked in the mud.

- Alor's Bama Wall : Blue, blue blue, orangy anthias and the coral colors.

- Anilao : the contrast of blue water Beatrice with mucky nudiwonderland.

- Nusa Laut in Maluku : Coral gardens like on the 7th day of creation
- Dampier straits in Raja Ampat : those who told you there is no more fish in Indonesia lied.

- Bangka N/Sulawesi : home of Sahaung 2, the most colorful divespot in the world
- Sipadan & Mabul : where anything can happen from micro to mega.
- Tulamben Bali : just my guide and myself, eyes crying with minute small nudibranches.

- Deacon's reef - Tawali PNG : magical lights under the tree canopy

- Vatu-I-Ra in Fiji for the carpets of soft corals and purple anthias dancing around.

- Pescador island in the Philippines for the coral colors and that sardine school experience.
- SS Pres.Coolidge wreck in Vanuatu because it's sooo impressive.

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