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  1. Yep, that's the purpose of the transmitter. Canon lists a (rather generous) 150m/492ft range for the transmitter with antenna attached. Even if it drops to 10% of its working range underwater, that's still 50ft transmission radius.


    It'd be different if he just decided to run a long USB cable (or switch it to CAT-5 with one of the repeaters) for the same result, but an extra cable.

  2. Are you getting a notice when people post to a specific topic, or to the 'Lights, Strobes, and Lighting Technique' forum?


    If it's the latter, clicking on 'View Forums' under Subscriptions should list the option.


    We have no way to check (or fix) a user's control panel options from our side :D...

  3. Click on 'My Controls' then (under Subscriptions) separately on 'View Topics' and 'View Forums.' You may have to scroll down to the bottom and select "Show Topics from: the beginning" if the topics are older.

  4. Hi all - to be clear, there is not going to be a policy requiring the use of real names on Wetpixel. (It'd be difficult even if we wanted to, think of the verification issues)


    In the spirit of online forums, please feel free to use whatever (appropriate!) handle you wish. :)


    If you absolutely must have your username changed, please use the Contact form and we'll see what we can do.

  5. Drowsy turtles and whatnot...








    The frogfish moved only a few feet over a three-day period - which made it easy to find the second time around :P.


    Behind in editing, as usual. These from November, I think the last Maui run for the 20D.

  6. I think that Photoshop only provided the option for Save For Web to convert to sRGB automatically in CS3...


    For posting to web:

    Prior to saving, go to Edit/Convert to Profile. Set 'Destination Space' to sRGB and click OK. Then Save For Web as usual.

  7. Scuba SI has made a good point. Sometimes we like to poke fun at each other with nothing but respectful intentions. When I made my 1,000 th post I posted a comment to the community that I hope my posts have been helpful and informative. I got someone who will remain nameless but his name is Matt Segal post a few of my most sarcastic remarks and saying something like, "yea, these have been really helpful." He couldn't resist and although some may have thought he was being an A-hole, he was merely having some fun with me and I thought his response was hilarious as well.

    Really subtle, Joe :). Joe's 1,000th post was sadly overlooked by many :P.

  8. It shows up in Firefox after clearing the cache (Tools/Options/Privacy/Clear Now/'Cache') - looks good Leander.


    In IE, clicking the icon in the address bar a few times seems to refresh it - not sure if it's a bug or a feature! :D

  9. Hi Pat -


    I do usually end up putting the ULCS arms in my scuba bag - plenty of space there and they aren't fragile.


    Those arms should be removable - warm water may help to dissolve any dried salts between the thread and the screws, and you may have to 'crack' the seal between the two if the handles have never been removed previously.

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