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  1. The two most common reasons I've had issues with camera response underwater are:

    a) (mentioned by James) the hot-shoe connector not fully pushed forward onto the camera. Usually this throws an Error99 or similar and you aren't able to adjust shutter/aperture...can't do anything about it until back on the boat, and

    b) DOF-Preview button (on the front-left of the housing) depressed - none of the menus will work, AF doesn't operate, and no display will show up, but you can still adjust shutter/aperture. Easy fix - rotate the housing control pressing the button.


    Good luck figuring it all out.

  2. I don't believe it's necessarily more difficult to design a 180deg FOV for the Canon - only a decision by the manufacturers to maximize compatibility (and profit :wacko: ).


    The Nikon 1.5x-crop sensor is ever-so-slightly larger than the Canon 1.6x crop - if lens manufacturers made a 180deg coverage lens specifically for the Canon sensor (smaller image circle), it would have >180deg FOV and/or exhibit severe vignetting on the Nikon. End result: no Nikon buyers.


    It's understandable, if unfortunate for Canon users, that they design to Nikon sizing.

  3. We received a number of excellent images for the 2008 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Contest - after narrowing down the finalists, we've opened up the competition to public voting!


    Time is short - the voting period closes in just over a week, on October 19, 2007, so please be sure to pick your favorite photograph or graphic design.


    Vote for the winning tag at the contest page, and congratulations to all the finalists!

  4. We previously announced the introduction of the Raja Ampat park entrance tag system. Now, the Raja Ampat park and Wetpixel present a special opportunity - the 2008 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Contest. If you have the perfect Raja Ampat photo, you have the chance to see your photo printed over 5,000 times and win a complimentary diving package in the Raja Ampat region, courtesy of local dive operators. At the same time, your photo helps support the protection of this diverse marine ecosystem.



    The 2007 Park Tags

    You can submit up to two photos for public voting - the deadline is October 10, 2007 - and the winner will be announced on October 25. For more details or to enter the competition, go to http://www.wetpixel.com/raja/.


    Good luck!

  5. The licensing of images can be a sensitive subject with regard to acceptable payments and opinions of worth. But there are still a set of general rates that are adhered to for basic usages.


    From various sources, I've found competitive rates for educational textbook publishing companies are usually around the $150-$350 USD per image range for spot use, inside editorial, non-exclusive, world distribution with a print run of 250k-400k or so (and there are usually additional fee options for a republishing, etc). $0 is a slightly different number :), and the reality is that the licensing of necessary image subjects should typically be the responsibility of the publisher.

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