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  1. Wetpixel received an anonymous email with a rumor that Truk Lagoon's SS Thorfinn is wrecked in Pohnpei:


    The Thorfin has an engine room filling up with water. It came into Pohnpei and loaded up 70,000 gallons of used oil from PUC and there were not enough pilots to have one come aboard on the way out. A pilot was on each of the two ships leading the way and the Thorfin was following the two lead ships and went on the reef yesterday.


    A tug boat from Adams helped keep it upright during the night but after the high tide at 3a.m.; it was not able to get it off the reef. Adams is standing by now with a barge to pump out the oil if called upon to do so. At this point there is not way to save the ship. It is about one mile from the dock and in my estimation will not hurt anything if it goes down where it is located at the moment.

    Can anyone verify or provide additional information? :D

  2. I tend to have a healthy respect for fish with teeth like a barracuda that thinks nothing of defending its nest at all costs...but this one felt like posing :lol:.




    'Rainbow Reef,' at Santa Rosa Island, is a beautiful Southern California pinnacle. It starts around 60ft, and the entirety is covered in life far into the depths. Due to variable conditions, it's rare to have more than one or two opportunities to dive the site - on this attempt, even without swell, strong winds created a surface current down to ~20ft. The depth is an additional issue; I spent the majority of the dive in 80-90ft, and time is limited ^_^.




    Thankfully, the reef is just inside a protected no-take area - and it's apparent. Large and small fish abound, bold and territorial, unaccustomed to divers.




    A few more photos at an updated Santa Rosa gallery (the first five). All taken with Tokina 10-17 fisheye.

  3. We have a special request and a great opportunity for Wetpixel members. Do you shoot underwater with models? Do you want your name and quote in an issue of Sport Diver Magazine?


    As of the current issue, Wetpixel & DivePhotoGuide have entered into a special partnership with Sport Diver. Eric Cheng and Jason Heller will be writing the "Images" column moving forward. We will be reaching out to members of both sites regularly for contributions that may make it to the pages of Sport Diver!


    We are currently working on a column about "Shooting with Models." Send us your top tips and any great or horrible experiences that you've had shooting with models, and your quote and name may appear in an upcoming "Images" column of Sport Diver Magazine.


    Only catch is that we need this info by tomorrow (ASAP!). We apologize for the late notice. Anything you send will be considered and much appreciated!


    If you are interested, please email a few sentences directly to Jason@divephotoguide.com.



  4. For a real-world example...


    Source: The-Digital-Picture.com - Canon EF 180mm f/3.5 L USM Macro Lens Review

    The focal length also affects other macro photography aspects. Longer focal lengths require more distance to acquire the same subject framing. The result is a change of perspective - the telephotos compress/flatten the subject features more than short focal lengths. The wider angle of view of the short focal length macro lenses mean that more of the background will be in the picture - and that the background will be less-diffusely blurred. Picture what I am talking about ...


    The pictures above were taken with three macro lenses (180mm L, 100mm and 60mm). They are identically framed using the same aperture setting (f/16) and have identical subject to background distances. DOF (Depth of Field) is not different (same framing, same aperture = same DOF until closer to the hyper-focal distance), but perspective/compression and angle of view are very different.


    The 180mm lens shows only a small physical area of background subject that is compressed/enlarged to magnify the blur. Background subjects in the 60mm picture appear to be more in focus. They are not - they are just about as blurred, but they appear much smaller in the picture - and there are more of them because of the 60mm's angle of view. This gives a less diffuse looking background blur. If you are using a backdrop (such as rolled paper), the background blur aspect might not be important to you. It is easier to find a pleasing background for a 180mm macro picture because there is less background in an identically-framed shot.

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