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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone :lol:...


    Out of interest, what's up with the garibaldi photo above - how come the fish is sharp but the entire background looks motion blurred?

    You're not the first person to ask - standard flash to freeze the fish (and some of the background too), and a long shutter (0.8sec) and surge makes the rest go blurry.


    If you don't mind I have a question about the site. Does the php read the EXIF and IPTC data or do you manually enter it into the site? If so, how did you get the php to get the data. My website pulls some exif info out of the jpg but most of the exif/IPTC data seems inaccessable by php.

    Somehow, most of my threads turns into a discussion on EXIF :) ...


    I use Exhibit Engine to manage my photo galleries. It has a built-in EXIF/IPTC reader that pulls most of the data out of the image file (obviously you have to make sure that you aren't saving for web in PS - typically this strips all the data from the image). Additionally, you setup lenses/accessories/etc in the database itself, and it guesses a 'best-match' based on the embedded focal length when importing - of course everything is user-adjustable.

  2. Please use the Contact form to suggest a worthy thread!


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  3. (Semi-long, with interspersed photos and gallery links - apologies if photos are too large)



    Solomon Islands, Canon 10-22


    With school finishing this last week (save for a few finals), I took some time to complete the last of my photo editing and an entire website rebuild (note updated galleries have a *). This was a backlog that went all the way to the beginning of last summer, when I returned from two weeks in the Solomon Islands.



    Solomon Islands, Canon 100+1.4xTC+500D


    My recent wide work has involved the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye...which I received in early December after two months on the waiting list. Definitely an enjoyable lens (and with a notably different feel from the Canon 10-22), even if I usually end up staying at the wide end.



    Anacapa Island, Tokina 10-17


    I had the good fortune to travel again to Maui over Thanksgiving - and I must say that each time I visit, I encounter a species that I've never photographed before (this time, harlequin shrimp, and yes, I know the sponge crab below is not a harlequin shrimp :)).



    Maui, Hawaii, Canon 60


    Interspersed, trips to the local Channel Islands - Anacapa, San Miguel, Santa Cruz, Catalina, and Santa Rosa.


    _MG_2190w.jpg _MG_8004_d1w.jpg

    San Miguel and Santa Cruz, Canon 60


    I'm not sure how my piecemeal editing affects the style or intention of each of the final galleries, but they're done - for now. :(


    I know it may seem like an onslaught of photos, and maybe it's too much all at once. But I would definitely appreciate feedback/critique/questions. Also, if you select the "Species ID Required" category in the galleries, I could really use some help with a few :P. Thanks and enjoy. :P

  4. If your own UWP server was setup to act as the 'tracker' (that is, the computer that keeps 'track' of how many people are downloading/uploading/transferring each file), then you'd absolutely have full statistics for downloads.


    The only reason you wouldn't is if people decided to set up the torrent (the file, effectively) on another tracker - effectively, as if they volunteered to put the PDF on their own website for people to download. I think that'd be unlikely, though.

  5. 1. How to set the default view percentage to 100% instead of always having to highlight and change the number in the lower left hand corner manually?

    Not sure about default, but a quicker way to do this is click the Magnifying Glass, then click 'Actual Pixels' on the ribbon bar (below File|Edit|Image|Layer|etc).

  6. I'll take measurements later.

    The inner element (containing glass) is ~0.75in diameter.

    Moving outward, the inner diameter (after crossing that gap) is ~1.375in.

    The outer diameter (where plastic meets metal) is ~2in. (Note that there are various odd ridges, etc due to the electrical contacts).


    I'd imagine that a rectangular filter strip of length ~1.5in and width ~0.75in could be taped down on the outer plastic part (crossing over the glass) without impeding the electrical contacts, nor presenting the attachment issues of a circular piece.

  7. I think that, to some degree, the shark is confused (trying not to anthropomorphise too much here :D ). Typical prey response would be a frantic swim through the water away from the shark - our freediver either sits still or swims toward it.


    I was going to say it must be easier with only one - but they really perked up once they noticed the second shark. :blush:


    I like how the shark tries to eat the camera at ~8min :ninja:.

  8. My setup can focus on my fingerprints - when pressed onto the dome.
    Alex -

    I saw you mentioned in another thread your hesitation towards the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye. One of the interesting features of this lens is that it can easily focus *closer* than the dome port (as close as 1" from the lens surface).


    At 10mm, my hand pressed against the port surface:



    At 14mm, a tiny, tiny hermit crab (who didn't want his 20sec of fame -_-) held up to the dome port surface:



    I didn't think to zoom all the way in to 17mm, but will next time. Regardless, the lens might be an interesting comparison to the FE+TC setup you work with.

  9. ...I read that for this reason the Canon D5 is actually a 1.1x sensor yet know one has commented on this or complained about it.
    Come on now, Dave, disinformation isn't a good thing -_-. If the D5 (?) you refer to is the 5D, then it's a 1.01x crop (the sensor is 23.9 x 35.8mm). For all intents and purposes, that's indistinguishable from true, absolute full-frame.
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