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  1. http://lovacnasnove.blog.hr/


    This site has at least one of my images, one of Cor Bosman's, one by Mike Roberts (Tortuga), and maybe more... :glare:


    They cropped copyrights/signatures out of all of them! :blink:


    From what I can tell, the 'blog' posts images from underwater photo societies, competition websites, discussion boards, and the like.


    Does anyone know Croatian? I can't seem to find a real contact form...

  2. ...and digital people are uncomfortable with the ease their system allows them.

    We are? :)


    As one who has never really known film (save for the occasional instance when my parents have handed me their film Rebel, and told me to take a photo of them on a vacation :lol:), I see digital as a medium that has provided expression to those who would otherwise be mired in film processing costs. That, and the quickest way to learn about photography, instant feedback being what it is...


    Without digital...I doubt I would be diving as much as I do, and certainly not engaged in underwater photography. Being able to - that's what counts.

  3. Hi Gerard -


    There should be an 'Options' button near the 'New Topic' button (in line with the subject of the topic). Click that and select 'Standard' under 'Display Modes' (assuming that is the option you were using previously).

  4. I must agree with Luiz on this (sorry Jean :P )...there are too many times where I am only taking off the port to change a lens (especially with my usb modification) where having to open up the entire housing would be an inconvenience.


    If there was to be a port lock, a design similar to the one pictured but mounted on the outside of the housing would be the way to go.

  5. Thanks guys :)


    Andy - It was a good 25 minutes of waiting and watching before he came out of his burrow, and then another 10 minutes before he was ok foraging/posing. So, 35 minutes total...they can be pretty shy sometimes ;)


    Chris - It's a fringe of red 'hairs' (?), the same as around the green/black 'flap' (scientific terms, of course :blink: ) near the club appendage - they're just out of focus.

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