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  1. ...but now wonder if Nikon won't finally release a fullframe camera in the next 1-2 years.


    There was large speculation back in 2002 (see the 'Full Frame Timetable' section) that Nikon would be releasing a full-frame camera in the upcoming month of March. That was over three years ago.


    I'd like for Nikon to prove me wrong, but I just can't see it happening with the company's current devotion to cropped-sensor cameras.

  2. Given that the higher end digitals at Nikon and Canon are all full frame, would it be reasonable to assume that the medium entry camera models will converge towards the higher end, i.e. Full Frame?


    The higher-end Nikon digitals do not use full-frame sensors. Only Canon's 1Ds series and (I believe) Kodak's 14n use full-frame sensors.


    Very few professional photographers have switched from Canon to Nikon but in my experience many have switched to Canon from Nikon.


    Nikon to Canon, right? :P


    ~Matt Segal

  3. Hey Todd -


    I could've sworn I've mentioned something about this before, but I can't find my own post in a search, so maybe not. :P


    Either way, one issue with using the Canon 2x TC with the 100mm macro is that it won't work. That is, it won't physically fit together unless you also add a 15mm (or 25mm) extension tube between the TC and the lens.


    The Kenko TCs don't seem to exhibit this problem, but they do caution that you may have intermittent AF issues with the 100mm macro lens (similar to their 1.4x TC...it's somewhere in the manual).

  4. It really was an awesome trip...and the swell's already back up, so there's no possibility of getting back there for awhile I would think. Lots of excellent photographers on the boat, and it was good to put faces to Wetpixel members Joe and Dave.


    I do look somewhat disheveled...and I had a haircut three weeks ago Mike :blink:

  5. I'm going to disagree with Giles and say that I believe Stingray City is a slightly different situation; the rays there have a very potent method of dissuading any individuals from handling them to the point of harassment - their barbed tails. I think that nurse sharks, once an individual has a solid grip on them, really have no such means.


    While diving locally a few months back, I was saddened by an individual who seemed to completely disregard any ethical or moral boundaries by picking up and squeezing a small horn shark until it was violently writhing in his hands, trying to escape, just to be able to snap a photo of the underside of its mouth. Later, on the boat, the individual approached me and asked why I had no wanted to take a picture when he offered it up to my camera, and then proceeded to show me his 'great shot' of said shark.


    Unfortunately, this is all too common these days. Something to think about...

  6. Well...especially with the length of time you've been shooting the camera (how many actuations on the shutter now?), I'd say you're beginning to see the shutter mechanism go. I'd suspect that long before I suspect any internal electrical circuitry/CCD issues...

  7. I've taken it around the world in waters as warm as 80F. Yes I'm a sissy but I hate that cold water chill feeling. I get cold easily.


    Hey Curtis -


    I'm right there with you...I've been considering taking my Bare drysuit to Maui (and other semi-tropical locations) with me the next time I'm out there, and diving in shorts and a t-shirt...sure beats the full 7mm (w/ hood)+7mm vest outfit I deal with now when diving there...probably gets a lot of laughs, no? :unsure:


    ~Matt Segal

  8. Digital lenses - ie lenses designed for smaller digital formats such as the Nikon DX - should theoretically be designed with greater retrofocus incorporated into their design to ensure that the light strikes the sensor at as oblique an angle as possible.


    Shouldn't the intention be for the light to strike the sensor at exactly 90 degrees (in a perfect world) with respect to the sensor plane? This would necessitate an angle as least oblique as possible...


    ~Matt Segal

  9. I have an Oceanic on the bottom of my wrist and a Cochran on a hose mount. I like the Cochran better but the location of the Oceanic is far easier to use. Just a slight twist of the wrist and I can see everything.


    I dive a Cochran on my wrist, but have considered mounting it on the housing. Used to have a Suunto Mosquito on the other wrist, but it died back in PNG. Full agreement on liking the Cochran more...


    ~Matt Segal

  10. I would also warn against jumping too soon, especially as the need for 6 pin seems to specifically for one brand, Canon.


    Keep in mind that standardization, as compared to specialization, should lead to lower consumer cost as more volume of the same item is produced. The price is higher when there have to be multiple variations on a product...


    Additionally, as there would just be a single standard cord and fitting, shops, boats, repairs kits, etc, would always have the cord that works, and cords could be traded between users if necessary with no ill effect.


    ~Matt Segal

  11. Now (4/11/2006, 11:30PM PDT) it's off a good hour and a half...even with the 'Daylight savings time' adjustment checked. I had to set my correct time (GST-8+1fromDST=GST-7) to Mountain Time *and* use the daylight savings time correction (GST-7+1fromDST=GST-6) to get the current time to 11:20PM.


    What's going on?


    ~Matt Segal

  12. I think both of these could've worked out...but they seem off.




    Tough subject...practically colorless...




    I know this would have been more dramatic if I was level with the subject...sometimes it's tough to do on a vertical face near the bottom. Another annoyance is that the nudibranch on the right has retracted its gills...(by the way, the Navanax chose not to eat this nudibranch...)


    Critiques please...I'm curious about your opinions...


    ~Matt Segal

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