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  1. Still trying to figure out old IDs...




    Corythoichthys intestinalis or Corythoichthys flavofasciatus?


    Blenny sp...




    I'm inclined to think Filamentous Blenny Cirripectes filamentosus but it doesn't show the green line on either side of the mouth...


    Juv./In. Razorfish sp.




    Iniistius aneitensis or Iniistius tetrazona?




    ~Matt Segal

  2. It's very difficult for me personally to choose a favorite or 'best' shot (and there are some I don't want to release yet :huh: )...but I really enjoy the 'pop-art' look this one turned out with, even though the background is a little hot...




    People (non-divers) seem surpised when I tell them it's from just off the California coast.


    Canon 20D, 100mm

    Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands


    ~Matt Segal

  3. Thanks for the positive words everyone. :D


    This a nice pic - technically good but I know you want crritisicm, not easy right off the back but I can always find something  :huh:

    I'll expect a full report on the entire gallery by Friday. :huh:


    I would certainly think that putting the turtle on the left looking into the frame would improve the composition quite a bit...


    What lens was this taken with and how wide?


    I really liked the look of it just passing through, somewhat of a flyover feel. And there were divers w/ bubbles to the right :huh: My gallery software actually provides this information, but it was with the Canon 10-22mm EF-S @ 10mm (16mm equivalent).


    I have heard from a lot of seasond underwater photographers that Hawaii is not really worth the work of hauling gear and the expense that could be applied to a more exotic trip.  After seeing Matt's work, I have changed my mind.  How many days of diving was that?


    Joe - I really appreciate the compliment. Four days of diving, but that's a little misleading. On the fourth day, I chose less photography-minded dives, and instead did a few deep, high-current ones (saw a ton of greys and a large manta), so hardly any photos from then. In the three days prior, most days were 2-tanks, and I went out on a night dive once. This wasn't 4-5 dives/day liveaboard-esque diving. I was happy with the creature saturation :D


    ~Matt Segal

  4. Maui, Hawaii 2005 Gallery




    Finally had some time to put together a collection of images from my recent trip to Maui. Diving was with the Ed Robinson's boats as always, and I also had the opportunity to dive a few times with John Davies (Canuck). Water temperatures had been warmer this year than in years past, and the variety of species was apparent. Leaf scorpionfish, frogfish, lionfish, octopus, and crustaceans galore. I also continued my 'pattern' theme in some shots...


    As per previous posts, I'm always interested in feedback, critique, suggestions, and the like (is it absolutely necessary to post something in the critique-it forum? hardly - just say what you want :D ). Sorry for any noticeable cross-messageboard-posting for those of you in the know :P


    Maui, Hawaii 2005 Gallery. Enjoy...


    ~Matt Segal

  5. Since the CF compartment door in the D70 and D100 is on the back, when you need to replace the CF card (which is relatively often if you shoot raw and don't want to spend too much money in huge CF cards) you will have to not only open the housing, but also take the camera out and remove it from its base. Try doing that in a small boat between dives!


    Options arriving for the Ikelite crowd soon, Luiz. And yes, small boat applicable, fairly inexpensive. This will effectively be a null issue.


    ~Matt Segal

  6. All assuming you have any clue who the person it, of course...


    That, in fact, is my primary trouble. I have taken some u/w photographs involving divers in which I can not for the likes of me identify the person. Absolutely no idea who they are. How is one supposed to account for that? As I don't take a good look at it until it's back on the computer, I can't expect to be able to check everyone's gear/wetsuits/etc on the diveboat to match said person up with the photograph. I suppose this is why dedicated models are used :(


    ~Matt Segal

  7. I'm not sure if this is a 'change', but I noticed something that makes things a little better:


    For flights wholly within the United States and between the United States and Canada

    The maximum weight per carry-on bag is 40 lbs/18 kgs.




    For flights to international destinations

    The maximum weight per carry-on bag is 40 lbs/18 kgs.


    ~Matt Segal

  8. not exactly a profit making resolution size file there though is it !


    files grabbed that way may just pass on the web but wouldn't ever be worth printing.


    No different than placing web-sized images on one's website without any 'protection'...


    ~Matt Segal

  9. All right, for those waiting and waiting, hold your breath, the announcement is very close. The name D200 is starting to appear in official Nikon pages, here is the link for a Nikon page in Sweden for a yet-to-be-released update of Picture Project:


    I translated it and what it really means is that you can take two D100 exposures and COMBINE them together for a 'D200' file. They apologized for the confusion :)


    ~Matt Segal

  10. I don't usually use any layers...but some of the tools I used to work on this image employs them, so whatever ;)




    C1Pro using EOS-1DsMkII generic profile -> sRGB IEC61966-2.1

    WB Temp: 12800K

    Tint: 22

    Hue: 35deg

    Sat: 13

    Film standard

    EC: +0.45

    CC: +7

    CS: 0.0%

    Standard Look, 16%, 3

    Exposure 21, 0.97, 255


    Output to 8bit TIFF, 100%


    PS CS2

    PixelGenius PhotoKit Color - RCA Gray Balance Fine

    PixelGenius PhotoKit Color - Blue darken + mask (opacity 20%, blue sat 40%, mask 30%)

    PhotoKit Capture Sharpener - Digital Hi-Res Sharpen, Wide Edge Sharpen

    Resize to 800x533

    PhotoKit Output Sharpener - Web and Multimedia, 800px Wide Edge Sharpen

    Save to jpg


    Time? 2min max.


    ~Matt Segal

  11. Sometimes a little bit of red light makes it onto a subject even when we don't realise it. In those cases, adjusting the WB (in RAW) or a little PS work (hardly any in this case, Auto-Color and Color Balance, 30sec max), help to bring out the colors.


    In addition, remember to convert your image files from aRGB -> sRGB for web viewing.


    Hope this helps.


    ~Matt Segal


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