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  1. I took the time to email a few of the major manufacturers asking about their decision on whether or not to house the 20D...we know Ikelite is a definite go, but here are some other responses:


    Ikelite - Yes


    Sea & Sea - ?



    Thank you for your kind inquiry and interests in Sea&Sea products.


    However we unfortunately do not provide any development information directly to customers by e-mail.


    We would like to ask you to see our website's new release information or contact to the sole Sea&Sea distributors for the most updated information.


    Best regards,


    Sea&Sea Products Ltd.

    International Sales Division


    Subal - Yes

    Dear Sir,


    Many thanks for your interest in our products.


    Yes, Subal will make a housing for Canon 20D camera.We hope to have it on the market by end of the year or beginning of next year.


    With best regards,

    Sigrid Stepanek


    SUBAL austria

    A.Stepanek GmbH.


    Aquatica - Yes

    Hi Matt,

    We do have this camera and are currently working on the design of a housing for it,delivery will be early next Year and retail price will be around $1850 usd.


    Thank you,



    Seacam - No

    Matt - Sorry, no.  Concentrating on the MKII housings (already done) and then the D2X.




    Nexus - No

    Hi Matt,

    Not likely. So far Nexus makes housings for Nikon cameras only. I do have a housing coming available soon from Jonah. Body will be $1799.00 and ports will run from approximately 250 to 400. I have their Nikon D-100, Canon 10D, and 300D housings available now.

    Thanks, Woody


    Jonah (through Nexus USA I suppose) - Yes

    Yes, Jonah is another manufacturer which I carry, Web site is at -http://www.jonah.co.kr/eproducts.htm


    No reply from Uk-Germany yet.


    Hope this helps somewhat.


    ~Matt Segal

  2. I think this applies to most Canon dSLR users (other than the 1Dxxxx group)...I noticed on my 20D that the exposure readout only goes from -2 to +2, so when exposing for blue water, do you simply drop a few clicks below that level and just adjust based on the feedback in the image preview? With my previous experience with a 5050, I had -3 to +3 on the readout, and it was always a 1/3 to 1/2 stop or so below -3 for good deep blue.




    ~Matt Segal

  3. Hi Matt, tough choices!

    One way I found to get around the problem was to go on a group trip - most regularly with other underwater photographers from the British Society of Underwater Photographers. So long as I was with a group they were much more relaxed.


    The curious thing is that Reefseekers dive shop here in Beverly Hills ( www.reefseekers.com , very reputable place) is going to Lembeh Straits in late May/June as a big group trip...parents still opposed :lol:


    The first such trip I went on was with BBC cameraman Peter Scoones to the Red Sea in 1998, while he was filming for the coral reef episode of the Blue Planet. I was 23. That week probably changed my future UW photography more than any other.


    So very difficult to forsee/arrange those things however...in PNG I had the good and and bad...an ex-professional u/w photographer (nothing huge, but he knew a LOT about fish behaviour) who now worked in video that was able to just give me a lot of various tips and whatnot, but then also a DM who basically told me that even if I was with a buddy, I shouldn't be concentrating on taking pictures and that I shouldn't be exceeding 60min dives (this was on Nitrox, and I have excellent air consumption)...very much a limiting fellow.


    Often times I'm in school (freshman year of college right now) when major trips of people from these boards go to various places...impossible to travel at the time...


    p.s. to answer your most recent question - for me the fun of diving and travel is to see a diversity of locations. And always trying to visit a new location is the best way to fulfill this brief. Alternatively I have always found that my best images come when i really know a location. And therefore going back to a place repeatedly is often more productive photographically.


    Well that presents a catch-22, no?


    Galapagos is colddd from what I hear (?) :D...and I have cold here in SoCal...so I'm not sure that would be such a great summer trip...you might let me know otherwise however...


    ~Matt Segal

  4. In their words (based on the current U.S. State Department "warning" for Indonesia), they "absolutely refuse to consider any logical argument" regarding going to the area...they won't hear of it and shout about the threat of terrorism, despite many reports to the contrary by both divers (including one that works for Raytheon, a defense contractor).


    How can one convince their parents of something their parents don't want to hear a word about? I've yet to find a solution (this applies to more than just this issue)...


    ~Matt Segal

  5. Was thinking about Lembeh Straits, but parents don't think that's such a good idea given the current condition of general unrest in Indonesia...so Indonesia and Philippines are out (no big deal, maybe another time)...


    So, if you could go anywhere in the world...where would you go for a week to two on either land-based or liveaboard diving? Did PNG (Kimbe) last summer, doing T&C this December, and possibly Maldives in December 2005.


    I'm in California btw...just to give an idea of travelling and whatnot...


    Would really love a place with a plethora of macro subjects...I enjoy the wide-angle opportunities too, just not quite as much :-)


    Thanks for any help.


    ~Matt Segal

  6. "What you doin' all up in my grill?"




    Have the diving itch real bad, and the I-want-a-housing-for-my-dSLR itch also...so I decided to go looking for an errant photo I might have missed from a previous trip...PNG seemed like a good place to start. Not five minutes into looking...I found this...I like it because I think it's one of the first pictures that I've taken that I thought might have been taken by Albatross (of DDnet) (I love the lighting/crispness of some of her photos)...


    That and it was just a funny expression :lol: Crazy anemonefish :D...


    Full gallery (from June PNG) is here - http://www.carbonos.com/trips/june2004png/


    Comments and criticism appreciated :)


    ~Matt Segal

  7. I hope this discount means they're getting ready release a DRebel upgrade. A plastic 20D ? That would make sense. Canon may actually lower their production cost if the 20D and DRebel share all the Silicon parts.


    Personally, I doubt this will happen (sorry to disappoint :? ). I think this is their way of recapturing the marketplace, as well as encouraging people to establish themselves with Canon as a brand, not as a single purchase.


    I would hazard a guess that the general majority (not people here) of the DRebel users are still using the kit lens, simply because it was billed as the easy-to-use, affordable dSLR when it hit the public. By encouraging people to buy new lenses through rebates and whatnot, the tendency to switch to another brand (for example, Nikon) is lessened because of the investment in glass.


    ~Matt Segal

  8. Is anyone planning on getting the Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM?


    Most likely, yes, when it comes out.


    I just purchased the 100mm f/2.8 USM macro from B&H the other day...I get it Friday...


    Also saw that Canon is giving rebates on Cameras and Lenses starting this Fridayhttp://abesofmaine.com/rebates/canonslr.pdf


    Was about to be angry about this until I saw it's only $20...no big deal :)


    ~Matt Segal

  9. Are you talking about topside uses or land or both?  


    Both, but I do have a feeling I'll be doing more telephoto stuff topside...so not much of a conflict in deciding on lenses between the two uses...


    The thing about the kit lens, is it's not necessarily the highest *quality* lens...love its demonstration of the AF capabilities of the camera though...


    The bottom line is that you are going to want at least 3 or 4 lenses just to cover the bases with your new rig.


    Ahh, yes. I was waiting for when I would be spending more and more money...lol :(


    ~Matt Segal

  10. So, after nearly 2 months and a new computer, I think I've finally finished the Papau New Guinea Gallery...right now it contains exactly 200 images (even though I'm sure I'll find maybe 3-5 more that I'll just throw in within a few weeks)...all photos were all shot in RAW format, single-strobe, occassional use of macro or wide-angle lens, then run through the Adobe CS Raw Converter, occassional cropping to fill screen, usually simply to change the dimensions of the picture (to break up the lines somewhat).


    Random images include:










    and teeth-I mean barracuda :D



    Papau New Guinea Gallery


    Enjoy :D


    ~Matt Segal

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