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  1. Nothing here. Already happened. ~Matt Sega
  2. Depending on the size...looks like a Juvenile Largenose Boxfish (Rhynchostracion rhinorhynchus) but I could be wrong... ~Matt Segal
  3. (packed before Mexico trip) WA lens in the center, macro lens in the "Mambo" neoprene case, white Olympus charger at the left, Ikelite battery charger and Sony AA charger top middle, bottom middle extra Ikelite battery, bluish/purple memory card reader, manual controller, sync cord, strobe arms, camera goes under macro lens, plenty of extra room... I fit everything you have and more into my Lowepro Photo Trekker AW II...chargers don't need to be packed in luggage - just fit them in Now when I get a second DS-125...that's when packing really starts getting interesting... ~Matt Segal
  4. The banding patterns seem completely different...? ~Matt Segal
  5. Taken near Puerto Vallarta...no clue? Small, about 1" across... Always seen in pairs like this, one large one small. ~Matt Segal
  6. Maybe it's just me...but some (well, most) of these pictures seem insanely saturated... ? ~Matt Segal
  7. C-5050Z, internal strobe only...on the back wall of Molokini, tough balancing because there was some surge pushing everyone up and back down...for scale, the hole that guy was in was about 2.5" or so in diameter...I was just drifting along and saw a little yellow thing before taking a closer look...supposedly these guys aren't photographed too often? Comments? I could post the uncropped to show exactly how it was situated... ~Matt Segal
  8. Saw this slendertail eel grab this fish in Maui on a night dive...it didn't get a good grip, eventually had to let go completely (additionally, it couldn't breathe while it was holding the fish in its mouth)... Just a little too big for it ~Matt Segal
  9. We were pretty sure it was a Moustache Conger eel (Conger cinereus)... Unless there's a dissenting voice...? lol craig... ~Matt Segal
  10. http://www.carbonos.com/trips/nov2003maui/nov2003maui.html ~Matt Segal
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