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  1. http://www.snopes.com/language/apocryph/cambridge.asp
  2. I think you should post that photo as an example so that people can appreciate my actual response to that image ...
  3. Again, no, I'm on the party of not caring if the image has a bit of grain, hence my tendency to increase ISO as the situations calls for. (And, with Canon sensors over the past few years, the small bit of grain experienced at higher ISOs hasn't impacted image quality to any significant degree in my images.) For California wide-angle photography, I'll often use 400 or 800 as the default... I've never used noise reduction, either in camera or in post...stop putting words in our mouths, Drew . Back to the regularly scheduled discussion: Interestingly, the old 20D had better dynamic range at ISO200 than ISO100, as it was clipping shadows to black in the latter. 100 ISO for every 10 ft might be a little extreme, if only due to the already variable exposure required for different angles towards the surface.
  4. I never said this. My feeling has always been that I don't care about grain, which is why I've used high ISOs for years...this is different from not caring for grain. Any other discussion would have been regarding how the noise characteristics in high-megapixel density cameras of the last few years make for a increasingly grain-like, rather than straight 'noisy', appearance in photographs.
  5. Three years out of every five is the popular test. Though significant or steady losses with little profit after the first couple of years will likely invite an audit anyway...
  6. I'm with Herb on this one ... It's nice that Nikon has made some recent advances, though .
  7. It's just Phyllodesmium longicirrum.
  8. This the the same site accused of stealing photos?
  9. One can also use a browser that supports tabs to open all relevant threads while preserving your position on the list of topics.
  10. Juv. basking shark, as thought. A weird sort!
  11. Craig working the shot: The snakes were curious. And when I say curious, I mean really friendly... This one nestled up on my leg during a blue water safety stop . I'm far behind both Craig and Cor in processing...but hopefully will have some choice images to show off soon.
  12. Perhaps, if only it wasn't Inon's official name for the product .
  13. First fish is some species of fangblenny, and the second is a dragonet, perhaps juvenile depending on the size?
  14. Windows 7 is pretty terrible so far...they need to work out a stripped-down corporate version asap.
  15. It's good to see the variety in the images being posted these days. #2, #3, and the very last photo (if a bit dirty!) are the most interesting, I think. Very defined objects, but the photos draw more attention to the formed shapes and lines than the objects themselves. Somewhat lacking of an obvious subject, but perhaps that makes them appealing...good for prints! No crocodiles then? Would make a nice addition to #1 or #4!
  16. You guys are talking about Si-Tech, right? I've liked the Si-Tech gloves because they allow you to preserve the interior wrist seal, and allow any number of rubber glove choices with any liner. Even dishwasher gloves, as talked about in a previous thread. And I don't see how one can have trouble with the rings - they're fairly foolproof and rugged...
  17. If you want absolute sharpness, you're going to have to open up the aperture a bit.
  18. I suppose the funny part of all this, is that the original poster was a spammer. But it's certainly spawned a vigorous discussion!
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