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  1. For those who've forgotten, Don's original posting was a subject of some discussion. Congrats, and good to see you've finally received a conclusive response!
  2. First image looks better - sure you haven't mixed the order? (I see your correction, order appears better now) DPP and C14 are usually quite good with sunballs...
  3. I've been queuing up DMCA Takedown Notices the last few days, and making some progress on infringement - the trouble is finding the content! TinEye is still terrible at this point.
  4. Does anyone see familiar images in this blog post? http://nussaibah.wordpress.com/2007/05/02/atlantide/
  5. A distinct problem is that my table is shifted as follows: 27-30ºC (81-86ºF) 7mm full + 5mm vest 24-27ºC (75-81ºF) 7mm full + 5mm vest (+ 5mm hood) 7-25ºC (45-77ºF) Drysuit, variety of undersuits 0-7ºC (32-45ºF) Personal heater? The only time I can feasibly use 3mm neoprene is LensCoats!
  6. I'd like to refer everyone to an article by Carolyn Wright on using the DMCA Takedown Notice for these types of issues.
  7. Hi all - Please remember the Ground Rules for the Classifieds forum - personal sales only, no commercial posts. If you are going to link a commercial site, please use a PM to contact the poster. Thank you!
  8. Before we lead anyone off-track, Justin is referring to the Canon 16-35 MkII - the original version of the lens is compatible with standard Ikelite ports.
  9. I imagine you might be able to point a bright focus light directly into the lens, and lock exposure as mentioned for increased depth of field?
  10. I don't expect to have any difficulty - I'm not buying a copy! I think it may take some practice for those that don't shoot a lot of manual-focus macro, but it's certainly a current method for underwater photographers.
  11. It appears I view the camera with a more positive outlook than most - the conclusion I came to, along with a few others at DEMA, was that the 5DII may very well open the door to capturing behavioral traits of a variety of super-macro species. While typical camcorders are limited by the amount of stackable diopters, it's not unthinkable to quickly throw a 2x teleconverter (or more!) on a standard macro lens with the 5DII and use a manual focus gear as one normally would. Granted, light will be at a premium, but no one expected it to be easy!
  12. Yes - we're working on bringing in new themes for POTW!
  13. The 5m maximum USB transmission distance specifications may well overcome these efforts, but I'm curious to hear if it does in fact work .
  14. Hi Don, Martyn - We've amended the thread title as suggested to tone down some of the accusations .
  15. Hey everyone - Eric and company will be in Newcastle (New South Wales, Australia), and he needs help in renting 5 full tanks tomorrow morning (Sunday, December 7), the earlier the better. If you can help, please contact Eric at at http://wetpixel.com/contacteric as soon as possible - thanks!
  16. I'll sweeten the deal - $20 paypal'd to someone who finds me the lens first. Usual caveats apply, null if dealer calls me first, must receive before trip, only on confirmed shipping, etc, etc.
  17. This is legitimate for those of you wondering if it's too good to be true.
  18. Remember that the 5D Mark II is releasing over a year after the 1Ds Mark III was introduced - a time when thoughts of the 5D II were internet conjecture, smoke and mirror rumors. And at $2699 (with an improved sensor no less!), it's causing a downturn in the prices of the 1Ds, as more people are moving to buy the 5D II than the 1Ds III. The 5D II is an excellent bargain, with the downfalls of slow AF speed, longer mirror blackout, and similar. If the D3x were released within a few months of the 1Ds III, would we be having this discussion? Unlikely. But introduction at the same price point over a year later is alarming...
  19. Hey Bruce - I'm planning to use the new mark II version in a less-than-forgiving environment (not just underwater! ) that leads me to appreciate the small added protection of weather-sealing. The upgrade should have improved corner sharpness - I'll be sure to provide my impressions if I do get my hands on a copy. More to follow on the less-than-forgiving environment in a month or two .
  20. Hi all - I'm looking for the new Canon 24mm f/1.4L II from a US authorized dealer (preferably not in California) at list price. Details are sparse about the product's release and arrival (especially from the larger distributors), and I'll need it for a trip on December 16. Shoot me a PM if you think you can help. Thanks!
  21. Unless 'pro' AF is only available in a body with a large sensor!
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