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  1. After handling the camera at DEMA, my suspicions were unfortunately confirmed. If you are planning to buy the 5D Mark II based on any notions of it being sufficiently weather-sealed - do not.


    While it can be paired with weather-sealed L lenses, the camera itself lacks the complementary rubber mating surface on the lens mount that seals the camera/lens connection. Compare the 5D Mark II lens mount to the 1Ds Mark III lens mount to note the difference.


    Why even seal other parts of the camera when water will immediately seep into the mirror box? :uwphotog:

  2. Hey Chris -


    The first image you'll see is usually the embedded low-res thumb in the RAW file. It can look different for a given scene based on the in-camera settings you've selected (for example, if you push saturation and contrast in camera, the embedded low-res will be more saturated and contrasty, even though the RAW remains unaffected).


    The change is ACR applying its rendering intent to the RAW file (with whatever additional adjustment or calibration settings you've applied by default) and displaying its revised image thumb (and ignoring the embedded thumb), which is often terrible :). CaptureNX should initially display your RAW files as they are on the camera - at least that's how Canon's DPP has worked.

  3. We've posted a review of Chris Santella's Fifty Place to Dive Before You Die written by Eric Hanauer on the front page:







    Let’s suppose you are the author of a hot selling series of books, with titles like “Fifty Places to Go Birding Before you Die,” and “Fifty Places to Sail Before you Die.” Now your editor suggests you write one about diving. The problem is you are a casual diver, with only a few hours underwater.


    If you’re Chris Santella, you seek out fifty experts and interview them about their favorites, in addition to doing basic research. How did he find these experts? Networking. Tom Phillip, Ethan Gordon, and the Scubazoo crew provided Chris an entrée into the convoluted world of diving professionals.


    When Chris called, he quizzed me about my experiences and opinions on the Galapagos. It’s among the top half dozen of my favorite places, but I told him I’d rather discuss Bikini or the Red Sea. Too bad, only one destination per expert, and Galapagos was what he’d assigned me. Over the next half hour, he asked incisive questions which showed he had done his homework before calling. At the end of the interview I voiced some concerns about environmental protection in the area, and asked outright if these would be included in the text. I’m relieved to report that they are. So this isn’t just editorial puffery...

  4. I love the topside wide angle view of the D3 and 14-24mm but not sure if I want that $ value underwater...and, of course, the D3 housings are more expensive than the D300 version.

    If you go with a reputable insurer with flood coverage (the majors are DAN's H2OInsurance and DEPP), the value underwater is not so much the issue as would be the inconvenience of losing the ability to use the camera until you return from the trip and make a claim.

  5. I think the 17-40 performs better than the 16-35 version I and it's a lot cheaper. The 16-35 II is better but it's too big and doesn't take 77mm diopters.

    I think you have a very subjective opinion, James :blush:. I'm not sure what you mean by the 16-35 II being too large (?), but (for both 16-35 MkI and MkII) the faster f/2.8 aperture means the ability to utilize the higher accuracy of cross-type AF sensors and provides a brighter viewfinder to compose - both qualities very important underwater, and especially applicable in often darker temperate waters. Certainly the 17-40 is by no means a slouch, but you have to make a fair comparison.


    I feel that Canon was smart in moving to an 82mm filter size (even though I understand the annoyance of having to replace previously owned 77mm versions) - it allows you to use regular (non-slim) filters with the lens without vignetting at the wider focal lengths. Is there anyone who actually enjoys using slim filters? :)

  6. EDIT Further clue - Just noticed that the housing TTL light stays on when the strobe is switched to manual.

    That means nothing - the light will only change to 'Manual' when you press and hold both compensation buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. Physically setting the strobe dial to a manual power setting means the controller is not being used whatsoever. Adjustments to eTTL compensation are sometimes affected by the camera still performing exposure metering after a shutter half-press.


    See the Ikelite eTTL explanation for a more thorough discussion.

  7. Moved to full frame a few months back, selling a mint condition, sharp Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 DX fisheye zoom lens for Canon mount.


    Includes original box, 3-yr US warranty card, manual. $475 shipped (US) OBO (current cost at B&H: $560). Would prefer to sell to a fellow Wetpixel member :) - PM if interested...


    Lens images:

    20081002_88W6602.jpg 20081002_88W6605.jpg 20081002_88W6607.jpg 20081005_88W6611.jpg


    A selection of photographs taken with lens:

    _MG_9755_2w.jpg _MG_7087_1w.jpg _MG_9922_7w.jpg _MG_7607_1w.jpg

  8. Update: I've listed the item on eBay at a Buy It Now price of $660 shipped. That means you can use the Live.com 25% cashback offer to save $165 for a net cost to you of only $495. See eBay auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=280287793784 (search from Live.com page, see the FAQ for an explanation).


    Moved to full frame a few months back, selling a mint condition, sharp Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 rectilinear wide angle zoom lens.


    Includes original box, manual, US warranty card. Would prefer to sell to a fellow Wetpixel member :) - PM if interested...


    Lens images:

    20081002_88W6582.jpg 20081002_88W6594.jpg 20081005_88W6614.jpg


    A selection of photographs taken with lens:

    _MG_5300_41w.jpg _MG_6684_3w.jpg _MG_5881w.jpg _MG_6344.jpg _MG_5107_40w.jpg

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