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  1. Tell us how you really feel, Jeff. ^_^


    I assumed Galbraith might come out with something like this - I think many pro shooters have learned to live with the intermittent issue, with the positive trade-off being the absolutely fantastic quality of the 1DIII/1DsIII images.


    Hard to draw conclusions from the 1DsIII vs D3 article, seeing as how they only show a single 100% crop comparison of the two, no?

  2. As a quick example (nothing special) of just the blue comparisons, these are straight from RAW - a switch toggled to a single different setting in DPP (not just a saturation tweak). They're both in aRGB...because the one on the left will just turn purple if I put it into sRGB :).




    14bit does give you a lot of color information to push around if desired. I guess I need to find one of mine that doesn't have a sun halo...seems all of James are fairly constant water exposure...your turn Herb. :blush:

  3. Looking very nice, James. Judging by Matt's shot as a "before" I think the effect is really significant. It makes a really strong difference.
    It's too bad they're completely different dive sites and locations :blush:. That, and I've not tried to push saturate the blues too much in RAW (which I could!) because the aRGB to sRGB losses pain me.


    Now I'm going to have to edit some photos to show the blues from James' dive site...sigh :).

  4. Met up with Wetpixel staff Herb Ko, James Wiseman, and Drew Wong in the Philippines for a week or two of diving just after my graduation in mid-May. As you can imagine, a rowdy bunch :P - and Drew even shot stills! The trip was a great opportunity to break in the new camera and housing underwater, and I really am happy with the setup (though I might be complaining about broken wrists if not for James' buoyancy rings :P).


    We stayed in Anilao for a few days and then moved on to Puerto Galera. Too far behind on even previous trips' galleries, but here are a few images that were quick to process.







    Still losing the corners a bit at f/8 and 16mm...the full frame debate rages on :P, but I'm still satisfied. Enough MP for cropping if necessary.


    Make sure to bug James, Herb, and Drew about posting some of their photos - they'll appreciate it for sure :P.

  5. After waiting a few weeks to see if any additional issues would surface for the recent Windows XP SP3 release, I went ahead and upgraded (after backing up the hard drive, of course).


    I must say this was one of the most painless service packs I've dealt with - running the install meant that it checked for a few minutes to ensure compatibility, copied over a few new files, and asked for a single reboot. Done. Programs seem to load noticeably quicker so far (and every little bit counts with these computer-memory-crashing 1DsIII RAW files :D), and I haven't run into any issues.


    I think SP3 was very briefly offered as an 'Automatic Update' and then was disabled when they hit the few issues, but it's available for manual download for you intrepids ;).

  6. This isn't really specific to Ikelite, but battery pack construction in general. It's usually recommended to use a high-power soldering iron/gun so you can very quickly melt the solder and not let it heat soak to the batteries...heat-soak is bad :guiness:.


    Cleaning/roughing up the tabs to provide a surface for solder adhesion is also important.

  7. How does that air jelly work? It seems to be an empty transparent ball with some gears - where is the lift/propulsion coming from?
    You've heard of balloons, right? :guiness:


    I imagine that ball is carefully filled with Helium...the whole assembly seems only slightly negative as it's descending. Then even a little lift from the flapping arms is enough to propel it into the air.

  8. Looks like Canon is still tweaking the AF algorithms, but at least they're being receptive to customer feedback. New firmware was released today (well, 'tomorrow,' but world time helps) for the 1D/1Ds Mark III with the following remarks:

    1. Includes the following new features that were frequently requested by customers to the new firmware.

    -----1. Direct selection of AF points by the Multi-controller is added to C.Fn III-9.

    -----2. Alternate access to Exposure compensation is added to C.Fn IV-3.

    -----3. (1D Mark III only, already included in 1Ds Mark III) With the camera's External Speedlite control menu, Flash function settings can be used to set the Wireless setting and Zoom.

    2. Improves the stability of AF accuracy in AI servo AF when shooting extremely low-contrast subjects.

    Haven't noticed AF issues with the 1DsIII in AI servo, but perhaps things will be even better underwater :D.


    As always, you can download from Canon's firmware page. Who wants to be the first to update? ;)

  9. While we think about implementing this, you may or may not have noticed that on the completion of a POTW, the entries are sorted and displayed in order of highest to lowest point totals.


    That is, it lists 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, etc placings. At the very least, you can figure out your relative score :D.

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