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  1. Something that most people overlook when it comes to "sharpness" of an LCD is viewing it at a 1:1 ratio. Let's say you've got a monitor with a native resolution of 1920x1200 and your desktop is set for 1440x768, you're not matching pixel for pixel and your image will not be as sharp. It may be difficult reading text at a 1:1 ratio but that can all be adjusted. You'll see a huge difference if you keep it native. Billy P.S. I've had my cinema displays for 5 years now and unless something catastrophic happens with apple's quality of production I'll always go apple.
  2. So I got this light as a demo from Nocturnal lights and I'm super happy with it. I think I've only put 6 dives on it. The problem is I NEED MONEY! So this is the first thing that has to go. I'm only asking $350+shipping for it and it includes: 1. Light Canister + Head + Preconditioned Battery 2. Battery Smart Charger 3. Video Diffuser 4. Neoprene Hand Mount 5. Ball Mount for Camp (not shown) 6. Extra Radiator Clip 7. Nocturnal Hard Case 8. Extra 50w and 25w Globes The globes for this light range anywhere from a whopping $5 to $6 so replacement is cheap and you can get them at any hardware store like Home Depot. What globe you use determines your burn time. I've gotten 50min from a 50w so I guess a 25w would get you 100min. I really like the battery design too, no internal cables to connect unlike most canister lights. Another benefit to the halogen lights is that you can strike them without a warmup time, so you don't have to leave it on throughout the whole dive or worry about missing something you need your lights for. If something shows up then just strike the light and you're set. Thanks for checking it out! Billy
  3. I'm not a sony guy but I am a mac guy and everyone will most likely same the same thing. If you don't need the portability of the MacBookPro, get the MacPro and load it up with a ton of RAM(not bought from apple), a solid video card and dual 20" or 23" cinema displays. Ohh yeah make sure you pickup a Contour Shuttle Pro, some SATA II drives and if you're feeling really adventurous a Wacom Tablet, I like the 9"x12". At least that's what I like to use. Billy
  4. You and me both! Thanks everyone for the advice. LED's are definitely the now, I was just hoping that there was a well priced lighting solution out there. Everything I'm shooting is wide angle so the Nite Riders are definitely out. Now it's time to find info on the L&M Sunray 2000's. Billy
  5. So has anyone used these lights? I don't know anyone that has but it looks like an interesting design. Billy
  6. I guess I'm on the other side of the curve of this one, this is one of the most idiotic videos I have ever seen and I wish I could take the time back that I lost watching it. I didn't find it funny at all. Billy
  7. Is the weight of the lights a problem? I had dual light cannons each with 2 buoyancy control arms and they still wanted to droop, it was kind of a pain. Do you experience this while shooting or do the lights stay where you put them? Billy
  8. Hey everyone I'm upgrading my rig to new a LED backlit LCD and will be selling my current port with the monitor. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in it, hopefully this is the right place to post. I put a ton of work into it and am only looking to recover the cost of the new monitor, $350. Here's a link with pics. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22244 I'm selling only the Port and monitor which includes the control arm to turn it on and off, batteries and charger not included. It should fit any Equinox Pro Pack 8 Housing, I'll call them to verify. Billy
  9. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that an IMAX camera and housing weight about 400lbs, crazy. Now that would be expensive if you had a jam in the gate. Billy
  10. Very cool! I was in Film Tools for about an hour comparing different gels and even trying to combine gels to produce the same exact color and density. The closest and easiest thing we found for a single gel was Bastard Pink, but they have so many we could have easily missed a few, or maybe we just became numb from looking at so many. Good luck and let me know what the conclusion is. Billy
  11. I doubt it. It would probably be more hassle than it's worth. Billy
  12. I use a program called toast for burning multiple disks. In order to run multiple burners at once I need to have different versions of the program opened, one for each burning process. I think it's somewhat of a pain. Now I stick to one burning process at a time, it's really not that big of a deal. Most of the work I do is distributed digitally anyway so I've really cut down on burning disks. The way that the MacPro is setup allows for a lot of flexibility with drives. I have each drive set as an individual. Bay 1 - Applications and OS No file storage at all. This way if my OS becomes corrupt or a new version comes out and I want to format and install it's super easy. Bay 2 - Avid drive and a different OS Bay 3 - FCP Capture Scratch Bay 4 - File Storage Of course there's the usual multitude of eternal drives. That's just what I do, but I'm really anal when it comes to being organized. Hope this helps! Billy
  13. If that's the case and budget is not an issue I say go for the MacPro and just ship it. Get a 23" cinema display and you're set. I also recommend a Contour Shuttle Pro. BTW Color doesn't really take up that much processing power and as Drew stated Motion relies heavily on your GPU(Graphics Processing Unit). Personally I don't use motion because it's a little too cookie cutter for me but Color is an amazing weapon to haven in your arsenal. Billy
  14. The #25A red filter is meant for black & white film photography and the purpose is to increase the contrast. I'm not sure how that would translate with u/w video. If price is your concern there are cheaper ways than buying the UR Pro or Magic filters. Billy
  15. I had the same filter/WA adapter issue. My Adapter has a bayonet mount so a threaded filter wouldn't work. I took a Blue water filter and matched it to a studio party gel and taped in on the plastic on top of the camera's lens. The Gel I use is called "bastard pink" http://www.filmtools.com/31-lee-s779.html I bought it from this place but actually went into their store and matched the color. It's a whopping $6.60 a sheet and I can cut about 100 filters out of it. Much better than having a custom 102mm filter made for probably about $750 and produces an identical result. I use it for both blue water diving and semi green water diving out here in cali. Billy
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