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  1. Hi Adam, They are my own design, I made them my self. I have a side-line making accessories for UV-cameras and strobes. If you’re interested in purchasing the buttons you can send me a massage and I will reply with price and delivery time. Jonas
  2. Hi Adam, Here is a similar solution to the Hugyfot buttons, my opinion with less fiddle to fit on to the strobe. The buttons I use there is no need to replace the original Inon buttons. You just place the extension button on to the Inon button and lock it with the two screws that come with it, the screws lock on to the Inon button metal pin. These buttons work very well with dry gloves. http://a01-b01.mypicturetown.com:80/P2Pweb.../item.jpg?rot=0[/img] http://a01-b01.mypicturetown.com:80/P2Pweb.../item.jpg?rot=0[/img] Jonas
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