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  1. Just not functional. Not even for 100$. And for fishing or watersport is just to damn big to handle...


    P.S.: you ask for our thoughts...





    I agree........but I already had it. Been shooting every other day in the water. So, I'm happy for now, until I make the investment into the Aquatica system.


    Plus, I was just looking after posting this email and see how I can replace a couple of the actuators to trigger the review screen and a couple other options.



  2. Hello-


    I recently converted my Ikelite Nikon N90 Waterhousing to fit my D200.


    I had to remove all the nobs and actuators and sealed the openings. Then simply added a trigger release to the 10 pin adapter. Holding the trigger down halfway focuses the camera and registers an exposer. Then fully depress to fire.


    The obvious problem with this housing is having almost no control of the camera's functions. I find I prefocus before putting it in the housing usually. I mostly use it for a splash housing for watersports and fishing shots.


    I simply figured that I had it sitting in the closet for nearly 3 years and did not feel I could get my monies worth for it by selling it. So, it only took me two days on the work bench to figure out the logistics.


    I have two more in the closet that I would be willing to modify if anyone was interested. Again, extremely basic operation but a quarter of the price.


    Let me know your thoughts.



  3. I know this is probably a very newbie question, but, I have to ask anyways.


    Should I use any kind of solution to help keep my lens port from holding water?


    I have noticed that some days I hardly have any water spots on my port and other times it is extremely dotted.

    This I would believe is from different water salinity or hardness at the time or where I am shooting.


    Rain-X or a good Carnuba Wax?


    Or just leave it as?


    Thanks for putting up with a newbie question.



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