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  1. Anyone tried a Nikon AF-S TC (TC14,17,or 20 II)? The beef for a while has been no current Nikon AF (only AF-S) TC's (that, and lack of achromatic diopters).
  2. Hey Guys, I had a great trip to Indonesia, but had a leak that made it so that I couldn't use the strobes. So these shots were taken with just a focus light (Fisheye halogen) and a D70. I will, if I can get some shots together, post some available light shots later. Here, a couple shots taken with just the focus light at large apertures ... Juvenile crocodile fish Swarm of stinging catfish ...both shots on night dives with a AF (no focus knob) 60mm f2.8. Queries and comments most welcome. Chris
  3. All, I have searched this site, googled and clicked away, and still can't find a good discussion of the factors to consider in choosing optical versus electrical strobe connections. I care about this because, first, I am considering moving to Inons (for weight, compactness, and AA); and, second, because I had a minor leak in a sync bulkhead (Subal/Nikonos) and it got my attention (hooray for leak detectors -- no damage after a thorough cleaning and drying!). I'd be especially interested in discussion for Subal/Nikon, as that's my setup: I have seen the external Inon converter -- what are its advantages over electric sync? Any chance of more streamlined, leak-resistant converters for Subal (e.g., something that fits on the hot shoe or in the housing)? I prefer not to Do It Myself -- I'm a modeler, not an experimentalist! Plus, I hate those fiddly Nikonos plugs... My thanks for any links or discussion here. Regards!
  4. Howdy strangers, I've been silent a while (diving a good bit), and while learning and reading I haven't had much to say. However, just got back from a trip to Indonesia. I simply used loktite blue (as before) and replaced the allen bolts on the bottom of the ultralight handles with stainless hex-head bolts, which I could tighten more than I could the allen bolts, better compressing the split-ring lock washer on the bolt shaft. The handles never loosened and disassembled easily at the end of the trip. Cheers, Chris
  5. Boy, howdy, is that ever true. And the latches around the case are very sticky. Be careful. If you do upgrade the HD, this link may be helpful.
  6. The Ike in-line TTL controller is available with Nikonos connector to housing ... though they put a Ike connector on the out side. I think. I use two 125's on a Subal hsg (Nikon D70) with dual Nikonos bulkheads on the housing -- all manual, works fine.
  7. At the Nikon USA site, OWW, but not unexpected.
  8. All, Thanks for all the helpful comments. George, you may have talked me out of it. Udo, your pictures were particularly helpful, and you may have talked me into it. Ah, gear. You'll know I'm switching if you see my 125's in the classifieds.... Chris
  9. Hello, I've used Ike strobes for many years, and I'm quite satisfied with the performance and reliability of my DS-125s. However, they are kinda big and heavy, especially when I am traveling with land as well as uw camera gear. Before I melt the credit card down, though, I have a few questions: 1. Is anyone having good luck with a Nikon-Subal-Inon setup? 2. Should 2 Z240's (or D-2000's?) cover a 10.5FE well? 3. Am I crazy to consider switching brands? 4. Is Inon service pretty good? 5. Anyone used these with the HW inline or in-housing converter, or the S&S? Thanks for any help or comments. Cheers, Chris
  10. I don't think there's much sacrifice optically, but it will be VERY easy to scratch a plastic dome port doing macro shots, especially with a relatively short lens.
  11. Loftus, You're right, the curves should be tweaked. Thanks for the comment. Chris
  12. All, I love these animals, and am struggling to get a good photo. I think I've captured a bit of their surprising intelligence here, but would be interested in comments on technique and post processing. Cropping? Saturation? Funky black water? Thanks. Cheers, Chris PS, larger image here.
  13. An excellent early effort! Now get closer!
  14. All are nice, but I love the expression in the last one.
  15. Yup. Finally growing into my Subal housing. I'm enjoying the D300 above water, but the D70 will do fine underwater for a couple more years. Taken a few weeks ago in the Bay Islands.
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