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  1. Hi Jon, I have sent you the contact info for my friend, Ian, in Adelaide. When I wrote to him i told him "our package purchase" might be either for $2300 or $2375. And which ever way it went was OK with me. So I guess its the $2300 deal. You should have received Ian's phone number at your email by now. Please confirm that you have received it. I do understand that you want to hold onto the extension ring and zoom gear in case you find a buyer who wants the two lens wide-angle package. But if that zoom gear and 70mm extension ring don't sell with your housing I'd still be interested. And in that case please just write to me directly at my email, fbavendam@hotmail.com. to tell me it is available. Surprisingly, the Nauticam dealer here in Florida just sold a D850 housing to a friend and recommended an 8omm extension ring to use with her 16-35. I've been using a seacam 75mm extension ring with my 16-35 and found, through testing, that the second best was 80mm. But the dome I am using the 16-35mm lens with is the DP170, which is glass, not acrylic, and physically much smaller which makes it much easier to handle underwater than a larger dome. Good luck on selling the rest of your gear and with your recovery from the knee surgery. Fred
  2. Hi Jon, Lots of mis-spellings in my last addition to the thread. Mis-spelled "ad" several times. And wrote "shipping to Australia" when I should have written "shipping to Adelaide". As side info, I also have a Nauticam housing, for the D850, but because I had lots of Seacam ports and extension rings from my previous housings I chose to use the housing with Nauticam's Seacam port adapter which means that I still needed new lens zoom gears, many of which needed a little machine shop work. And thus my interest in the extension ring and zoom gear. Took a little thinking to figure out how those items could be of use to me. And thus my "late" addition of those items to the growing package. I'm hoping that you will look at this thread again soon and get back to me so that I can send my friend the exact details we have agreed to and his contact informantion to you so we can complete the deal. Thank you, Fred
  3. Hi again Jon, I've done a little more thinking since that last combined offer. In your add there is one more thing that I might be willing to spend a little more money on. In the add you write "...,,macro 105 port + gears $350 | extension port and gears for dome to fit 16-35 lens $75." I am translating "extension port and gears..." to mean a Nauticam Extension Ring (not port since there is no glass or acrylic) and a zoom gear for 16-35mm lens. I think these are both shown on the far right side of your overall gear photo. If so, I would like to offer you the full $75 for these two items. You don't give the length of the Nauticam Extension Ring which I would guess to be somewhere between 60mm and 80mm. Whatever it is is OK for my use. So I would like to increase our total offer to you to A$2375 with you paying shipping to Australia. Please let me know if I can add these items to our package offer. Once I receive your answer I'll send you my friend's contact information so that you and he can arrange payment to you and the address to ship things to in Adelaide. Fred
  4. Hello Jon, I've had a letter from my friend in Adelaide who originally said he wanted to buy new strobes. My original offer of $2000 for the lens and strobes would have meant $1200 for the strobes and since I have my own DS181s, yours would have been extras. My thinking as I made the $2000 offer was $700 for the lens (a little saving on the lens since I didn't haggle you on that price) and $1300 for the strobes. But after that original combined offer, which was for me alone, my friend in Adelaide thought more about the strobes decided he would like the strobes for himself. I still have to run things by him again, but I think he will be happy to offer you the full $1500 for the strobes, but would hope that you would pay shipping to Adelaide since he isn't trying to haggle you down on the strobe price. Is that something you can live with? Your full asking price on both lens and strobes if you pay for the shipping of everything to Adelaide? If that is acceptable, you will need to contact my friend to arrange payment for everything and he will take care of the money part. And give you the address the gear needs to be shipped to. Let me know what you think. Fred
  5. Dear Solutionist, A couple more comments. I am not interested in the Nauticam ports so you should feel free to sell those to the guy in the Philippines. In your photo of the Ikelite strobe gear there is one of the Ikelite fisheye dome ports for the strobes which is not included in your parts list. Seems a bit strange that you would have only one of these if you normally shot with two strobes. Is there only one of these domes or do you have a second one somewhere that you would include in the strobe package. I have two of these domes, but have never used them as they are physically large and difficult to travel with. The airlines are not very friendly about excess check-in gear. I don't shoot fisheye very much so this is not a make-or-break issue. The one place I have shot fisheye a lot has been at the cuttlefish spawning at Whyalla. But use the 16-35 much more there as well as elsewhere. Your picture also seems to show two different chargers for the battery packs. Is this so? Can you give any info about how old the strobes are. Inon strobes seem to be much more popular in Australia, but I prefer the Ikelite strobes and own several 161s myself. Fred
  6. Hello Solutionist, I'd like to buy the lens from you. You are asking A$800 for the lens. How about including the shipping cost to Adelaide as part of the price. So the A$800 would include the shipping, with insurance, to Adelaide. If this is OK with you, I ask my friend in Adelaide to send you the money. You will need to send me, and him, the information of where he needs to send the money so that it gets to you.. The real problem in all of this for me is that I am in the US and Australia is not allowing foreign tourists, even covid-vaccinated tourists, to enter Australia. So I probably won't see the lens and get to shoot with it until sometime in 2022. Bummer. But I also have one of these lenses here in the US and the one I'm buying from you is my back-up which I hope I won't need. As an alternative offer, the friend in Adelaide owes me $2000. If you will accept $2000, to include shipping to Adelaide, for the !05mm lens and all the Ikelite strobe gear, I would offer you that. Let me know what you want to do. Fred
  7. Dear Solutionist, I just wrote a letter of interest in your WetPixel used gear ad. As I said on Wetpixel I could be interested in one or both of your used Micro-Nikkor lenses if they are the newer AF-S internal focus versions of those lenses. In your gear photo the lenses are too small for me to see which models they are, though the 105mm looks like it might be the AF-S micro-nikkor. And in your description of your Nauticam 105 port you mention "gears". So I'm hopeful. If your 105mm (and the 60mm) is the AF-S version and the gear you mention is the manual gear for the 105 then I would really appreciate any additional pictures you might be able to send to me. And anything you have about the age of the lenses. I just sent an email to a friend in Adelaide who might be interested in your Ikelite strobe package. He usually prefers to buy new gear, but you are asking such a reasonable price I think he should be interested in your strobes. The friend also owes me some money and if we work out a deal on any of your gear, I will ask that he send you the money and ask that you ship the items to him there in Adelaide which means you will not have to do all the paperwork necessary when gear is sent overseas. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, I just tried to send this response to you from the US using the firefox web browser and my hotmail account and got a fast response that the email address you gave is not valid. Could be a hotmail problem. Not sure. In any case, you could answer my questions here at Wetpixel. Fred
  8. Dear Solutionist, I might be interested in one or both of your Micro-nikkor lenses depending on which versions of each lens you are selling. I am only interested in the newer AF-S internal focus versions of each lens. If you have the Nauticam manual focusing gear for the macro lenses I would probably want those as well. I look forward to hearing from you. Fred
  9. Several people have tried to send me messages via WetPixels messaging service. The most recent was from a Mr. Grouper. I get their message in my hotmail email service inbox. I have then written a reply and clicked on the "send" button. But for some reason this is not working and I get this message: rou.ter.net rejected your message to the following email addresses: Wetpixel :: Underwater Photography Forums (no-reply@wetpixel.com) The address you sent your message to wasn't found at the destination domain. It might be misspelled or it might not exist. Try to fix the problem by doing one or more of the following: Send the message again, but before you do, delete and retype the address. If your email program automatically suggests an address to use, don't select it. Clear the recipient AutoComplete cache in your email program by following the steps in this article: Status code 5.1.1. Then resend the message, but before you do, be sure to delete and retype the address. Contact the recipient by some other means (by phone, for example) to confirm you're using the right address. Ask them if they've set up an email forwarding rule that could be forwarding your message to an incorrect address. In my July 28th post I gave my direct email address and my phone number. If you are interested in this Nauticam 30mm locking extension please contact me directly at my email or telephone number. Please don't try to message me through WetPixel as this complicates things and in my experience is unreliable.
  10. The extension ring is still available. It is in like new condition. Price still $200. Shipping anywhere in the USA using US post office priority mail with $200 insurance is $13.15.
  11. Hi Walt, I might be interested in this port if I can use it on my Nauticam system housings and IF I can easily attach a 67mm flip-down holder to the front to add a close-up accessory like Nauticam's. Please call me at 941-953-7623. Or send me your phone number and I'll call you. And I'm in Florida, too, which makes shipping easier. Fred Bavendam
  12. Hi again, you can contact me at fbavendam@hotmail.com or (941) 953-7623 if you are in the USA.
  13. Hi, I have one available. I want US$200 plus shipping costs and any Paypal fees.
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