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  1. Re: the Ikelite Port - You mean if I want to use an Ike-Ike cord right? Whereas if I want to use a Nikonos to Ike Port, I don't have to buy anything? or do I still - sounds like it comes as a sea&sea port?
  2. Can you elaborate on the "bulkhead" thing and wet connect? I'm a little new at digital housings. I have a DS-50 right now that I've been using. Is there something additional I'd have to purchase to make this work with the Tetra 5000? Thanks so much!
  3. Is the TTL cord Nikonos-Ikelite or Ikelite-Ikelite? I looked on the Tetra website, and read about the ROC, and I can see the (I think) bulkhead for the TTL cord on the top center...curious about the design. Also, the website says access to MOST camera controls...what's missing? Finally, how is/where is the connection for the strobe arm? Thanks for your help!
  4. Ok, which housing for CP-5000? I used the Aquatica 5000, it was cool. I liked the clamshell closure, but didn't love the need for a separate attachment for the ikelite strobe arm, the need for a nikonos-ikelite cord, and the lack of abiliity to access the on/off turn switch. How does the Ikelite compare? Any other recommendations? I know the list of 5 possibilities is: Subal CP5 Ikelite #6190 Sea & Sea DX-5000 Aquatica A5000 Light and Motion Tetra 5000 Thanks!
  5. Yes, the DS-50 and CP 5000 are true TTL with a synch cord. The camera synchs up to 1/250 with a DS-50. I asked Ikelite this question directly. You do not need to use manual flash settings with the CP 5000. At least I didn't, and it just worked great in the water. From Ikelite website re the CP 5000 housing (#6190): "The camera flash is blocked by the housing. A bulkhead is included to allow use of a sync cord with any TTL SubStrobe. Strobes made before 6/1/01 require modification. Mount for Nikonos strobes is available. A deflector is also included to allow the new DS series Digital SubStrobes to be triggered by our wireless TTL Slave Sensors but sync cord is recommended for greatest versatility."
  6. I just had success shooting in "A" mode, or aperature priority. I had the camera in a Aquatica housing with a DS-50. I set exposure compensation -2, ISO 100, and A mode, matrix flash metering, and it worked great.
  7. And the answer is... According to Ikelite (whom I spoke to), the fastest shutter the DS-50 synchs with is 1/250th.
  8. Well, I guess what I'm trying to figure out is what is comparable result between configurations, such as how would the same shot with my CP 5000 and Nikonos V compare at some set confirugation, say ISO 100, 1/125, f 6 (for example)...since I'm transitioning, and I don't want to waste my upcoming dives in HI. I'm used to synching the Nikonos V at 1/90 for my wide angle stuff, but now that I can synch faster (apparently), what's optimal? Is it better to bracket shutter speed, aperture? What about ISO? Does it matter with high resolution? Or is it better to specify shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and bracket strobe outpout? Hmmmm! The possibilities are endless....
  9. You could try setting the function button to control white balance, and then bracketing with white balance. Maybe go with S mode, and allow the camera to pick aperture. If you're shooting sharks, you're probably going to want fast shutter speeds
  10. I mean, with high-res digital, are you really going to get a grainy effect at higher ISOs than 100. I guess using a selected lower ISO prevents overexposure? Any thoughts on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Where/how do you set the synch speed? Do you mean shutter speed? And by max compensation, I assume you mean max negative compensation... Thanks a bunch. I'm a long time Nikonos shooter, new digital shooter.
  12. Hi- Another question - I read that it's recommended to set the speedlight output compensation to -2 on a Coolpix 5000 because of the location (physical) of the TTL sensor on the camera when doing Macro. Does this hold for wide-angle or standard shooting? Thanks!
  13. Ok, how fast can a DS-50 synch? I ask because I'm curious if a Nikon CP5000 with a DS-50 can sych the strobe faster than 1/60. If not, it seems to me that shooting in shutter priority mode would be convenient, rather than manual mode. Thanks!
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