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  1. I had a 3040 and had no fogging problems with the same Oly PT-010 housing. The 4040 fogs after a lot photos are taken on a dive, even in warm 83 degree water. I will be doing more cold water diving as well as the warm diving. I tried defog liquid and silica packs. The defoghelped a bit, but the housing eventually fogged on nearly every dive. I tried setting it up inside an air conditioned room, but it fogged immediately after taken outside and then took time to clear so not much better. Does anyone have any new ideas (I reviewed forum history) or housing suggestions? I havea feeling it is a combination of a small housing (little air space), and a camera that gets HOT, even with the flash on the lowest setting to trigger external strobes.
  2. As a novice underwater photographer, and a new user of wetpixel, I am trying to decide which u/w setup to purchase. I have an Olympus 3040 which is wonderful. I have read all of the forum entries and would appreciate a bit of help. On my last trip to the Bay Islands, a fellow diver had a 3030 with the olympus housing. He dove to 110 feet on this trip and told us that he had taken the housing to 120 regularly with no problems. What a great setup to be able to download to his laptop and view photos immediately and show them to the entire group! Here is my quandry. The olympus is small, light, and inexpensive. The Ike is larger, heavier, and double the price, but is rated to double the depth. I have heard so many stories of new photographers choosing to upgrade their entire outfits or major portions after only one trip. I would rather NOT be one of those quick upgraders. Have any of you taken the olympus housings to depths greater than 30m or 98 feet? If so, how deep, how often, and what are your experiences? I am also deciding on a strobe for whichever housing I choose. I have had strong recommendations for the ds-50. Again, I am thinking that maybe the ds-125 is a better move so I can use it in an upgrade or even on another housing if necessary. The fully auto ttl is very attractive to me. Thanks in advance for your input.
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