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  1. I was there in February. We had a typhoon (Mytag) the last day, but otherwise all days were diveable. I know someone who went there is June, and never got out to the good spots because of wind. Hal
  2. Hi, I have been pondering just this issue, and tried both lenses recently on a trip to British Columbia. The 60mm is definitely better for pure macro, but the 18-70 behind a flat port is quite good, and leaves you with a lot of flexibility if anything big swims by. Cheers, Hal
  3. Thank you. I will try to be stealthier. Hal
  4. Hi, Attached is a shot from my first trip with D70, Sea&Sea housing, YS-90 duo strobes, and 60 mm lens. The scallop closed up after 1 shot, precluding another. The crab was an innocent bystander, but is interesting. Minimal cropping was done thus far. Would a tighter crop make this shot more or less interesting? Thanks, Hal
  5. You best buy another one because you will not be able to drop into a shop in Cairns or Grand Cayman to buy another if your D100 breaks down on a trip. Hal
  6. The D100 will soon be, if not already is, out of production, leaving you with an expensive housing for an obsolete camera. I learned this expensive lesson with the CP5000, which I just sold for next to nothing. The D70 is a great DSLR, and will be around for a little longer, at least. Cheers, Hal
  7. After announcing that they would be housing the D70, and causing many of their loyal customers to hold off on housing their D70s, L&M has decided not to house the D70, which I find unfathomable. So, using the ROC is not an option. I have purchased the Sea&Sea housing. I will try it with the Sea&Sea YS-90 strobes that came with my tetra kit, but will probably need to upgrade to YS-90DX strobes to get more control of strobe output without the ROC. Cheers, Hal
  8. I spent a week in Vanuatu in 10/04, and dove out of Port Vila. Compared to Fiji, it was pretty poor diving. There seemed to be mmany more lionfish, but little color , and not much else. A liveaboard might be a better option. Hal
  9. Would you sell the wetmate lens separately? Hal
  10. Hi, I have a L&M housing, strobes, arms, + or- 2 cameras that I would like to sell. They work superbly, but I have decided to upgrade to the D70. I think it is the best housing on the market, and will get the Titan for my D70. THe ROC is the best thing about it. Hal
  11. Under those conditions, these are great shots. I just bought a D70, but have not decided on a housing yet. Hal
  12. Are you willing to sell the wetmate lenses separately? I have the same housing already. I am in Seattle frequently. Hal
  13. The TTL cord(s) is(are) a "wet mount(s)" on the top of the housing. It can be disconnected underwater. There are wings off either side of the housing for strobe mounting that is quite solid. The ROC allows manual strobe adjustments at your fingertips which is very fast and convenient. The only control not accessed is the Autofocus/Autoexposure lock button. I don't believe that the other housings access that control either. THe Sea & Sea housing does not allow access to the on/off switch which I think is a serious shortcoming. I had never used anything but an MX-10 before, but I found this system very easy to use, and took it to Fiji having very little time to practice beforehand. Be aware that Nikon no longer makes the CP5000, and that housings for the 5000 will NOT work on the 5400, or 5700 Hal
  14. I have the Light & Motion Tetra 5000. It is superb, except that the screen is difficult to see in bright light Hal
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