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  1. Want to sell my subal housing for the original canon 5D. Anyone interested? It's a classic... Thinking $300. USD
  2. Hi, I would like to get in touch with you about this housing. Definitely interested. Jack Redwine 916 508-2649 Northern ca
  3. Hello, I'm interested in your housing and possibly your dome ports as we'll. maybe your tokina 10-17mm lens too. Have you sold it yet? Thanks, Jack Redwine 916 508-2649 Northern ca
  4. Hi, I have a UK germany housing for a canon 5d with a dome port as well as a flat port for 100 mm macro. I would sell it for 1200 USD
  5. Hi, I have a UK Germany housing for the Canon 5D. I also have a dome port, an extension tube, and a flat port for the 100 mm macro with a focus ring. It has a ttl circuitboard but my strobes are not compatible so I only shoot manual. It has two nikonos bulkheads but the soldering has come loose of one of them. The other bulkhead works fine. I am hoping to get the other bulkhead rewired in the next few weeks. I will sell everything for $3000 USD. Im in California. I'll ship it Canada if your interested. Thanks
  6. Sorry I'll try to be a bit more clear. What I need is a manual focus gear for the canon 100 mm macro. Sure I could use autofocus but I like manual focus better. I just find that it simplifies things. What I really do need though, is a zoom gear for the canon 17 - 40 mm L series lens. I think Uwe is working on this for me but I'm not sure that I can get them in time. So if anybody has an extra zoom gear that they would like to sell I would appreciate it. Thanks again.
  7. Stefin, I've read your thread on DIY lens gears. I have tried that in the past with my ikelite housing and had some success. I am currently working on a DIY lens gear for my UK germany housing but I am having a hard time finding the right sleave. Maybe I will try the vaccum tube that you had luck with. I am still looking for lens gears though. Thanks
  8. Hi I need zoom gears for UK Germany housing for Canon 100 mm macro and 17-40mm. Anyone have these to sell or anyone know if lens gears by another manufacturer might work. Thanks Jack
  9. Hi, Sorry to ask this here in this forum but I have been scowering the web trying to find out how to get in touch with someone at UK-Germany. I need to order some new focusing / lens gears for my 5D. Anyone have thier contact information? Thanks
  10. Hi anyone have any experience with seatool housings? They seem quite nice! Jack Redwine
  11. Hi, I'm looking for housing for my canon 5d. Any used housing's available? Thanks Jack Redwine.
  12. Hi there, Have you sold your housing yet? If not how much do you want? Jack Redwine
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