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  1. hi all wetpixelians,


    I will shortly have the opportunity to shoot some UW images of waterpolo matches and swimming events. Has anyone some experience in the subject? I understand that fast shutter speed will be required... I will be using the D70 with 12-24. What about F stops, Shutter and metering??? Also, I fear that focusing on fast moving subjects with AF might cause some issues. Any suggestions?





  2. Hi


    I have received some comments that the photos on my site are looking oversaturated. Perhaps I am overdoing it in photoshop. Pushing the colors too far might not be a good idea afterall. Furthermore, i work on my notebook and even if you move your head, colors change.


    How can I get it right? I know that working on a CRT monitor is better and I might also need to invest in some calibration hardware. I am currently looking for a 19" and found a non-expensive Hyundai with 0.25mm dot pitch. After some browsing i found out that the smaller the dot picth is the better, but prices change considerably. Is a 0.25mm dot pitch enough for UW images?


    I would be really grateful, to TFT, LCD and CRT users alike, if you could look at some of the pics and advise/comment on how do they look like (especially you guys who have a properly calibrated monitor :blink: )


    My Webpage





  3. I thought of posting some pics taken today with the D70 at a depth of 60metres off Qawra, Malta.


    The wreck is the HMS Stubborn.




    Some of the pics are with my old rig (Coolpix 995)


    Hope you enjoy them! Please send your comments! I think i am saturating the colors too much... (guess i need a sypder..) :blink:




    PS: Some history of the Stubborn....


    The Royal Navy S Class Submarine HMS Stubborn (P-238) was built by Cammell Laird Shipyard of Birkenhead, near Liverpool on the River Mersey, United Kingdom. It was laid down on the 10th September 1941 as vessel No. 1096 and launched on the 11th November 1942. It was commissioned on the 20th February 1943.

    Cammell Laird was founded in 1824 as boiler and ironworks. At the begining of the last century the company merged with Sheffield firm Charles Cammell. The shipyard was one of the backbones of the Admiralty during the Second World

    War, building 106 warships for the Royal Navy, including many of the S-Class submarines. In 1950 it also built the largest aircraft carrier in the world at the time, HMS Ark Royal.

    Stubborn's most famous captain was Ex HMS P.238. Lt AA Duff (later Sir Anthony, GCMG, CVO, DSO, DSC),who also had a distinguished career in the British Foreign Office. Duff became Ambassador to Nepal, High Commissioner to Malaysia and to Kenya, Deputy Under Sec of State 75-8, Deputy Sec Cabinet Office 80-85. Between 1985 and 1988 Sir Anthony was also Director of MI5, the British Security Intelligence Agency. Duff died on the 13th August 2000.

    HMS Stubborn, together with another S-Class, HMS Sceptre (P-215), was used as towing submarine in the midget submarine raid on Tirpitz, KÃ¥ Fjord, Norway, Sept 1943. It towed X7 (Lt BCG Place VC) outbound and after waiting off KÃ¥ Fjord for five days, X10 (Lt KR Hudspeth RANVR) found her and took a tow homeward, though X10 was later scuttled in a gale. The X-craft, which had a crew of 4 men each, were towed submerged, coming up to the surface every six hours in order to ventilate their hulls. The operational crew of the X7 were Place, Whittam, Aitken and Whitley

    On the 13th February 1944 HMS Stubborn attacked an enemy convoy off Trondheim, Norway, and was severely depth-charged. After the hydroplanes jammed to dive, the submarine dived to 400 feet before shooting uncontollably to the surface. Upon surfacing, the Stubborn was in sight of the enemy and had to dive once again, this time to a depth of over 540 feet, 200 feet more than the S-Class test depth.

    The boat miraculously survived the depth-charge attack which followed. The submarine survived on ordeal of having over seventy depth-charges dropped on her, and despite being badly damaged still managed to evade capture.

    To the releif of the captain and its crew, HMS Stubborn surfaced more than seven hours later with an estimated bow-up angle of 60-70 degrees.

    Despite suffering damaged ballast tanks, destroyed ASDIC and broken rudder during the depth-charge attack and the enormous pressure it had to endure, HMS Stubborn managed to make her way home. Home Fleet mobilized to bring the Stubborn safely home. British destroyers bravely went within 23 miles (37km) of the Norwegian coast to rescue the damaged S-class submarine and tow her back to Holy Loch in Scotland.

    Following the Trondheim adventure, HMS Stubborn joined Eastern Fleet and sank Japanese patrol boat No.2, off Surabaya in the Java Sea on the 25th July 1945. Following the war, HMS Stubborn was sunk as an Anti-Submarine target off Malta on the 30th April 1946 where it still lies.

  4. Hi All


    After a lot of work I managed to upload a new gallery application on my site. Still, design is a bit crap but at least it works.




    I decided to divide site in two sections:



    1. New Image galleries divided in Wrecks, Flora & Fauna, Divers and Topside


    New Image Galleries


    2. The Old 'portofolio' 2004-2005 all shot with nikon 995


    Old Portfolio


    Coppermine is really immense and easy to use as long as you find your way installing it on your host server. Now ill try to redesign the templates in order to personalise it as much as i can. Adding galleries and images is really a quick thing.


    Id love to have comments on the functional aspects of the new galleries as well as any suggestions on the design!!! Id appreciate if you leave your comments and rate the pics you love best both UW as well as Topside. All galleries but one are Malta pics.


    Thanks all :unsure:




    My Webpage

  5. post-1382-1145460896_thumb.jpg


    Hi All,


    Just did my first dive with D70 in Aquatica Housing with 12-24 Nikon and S&S90auto & Inon D2000w strobes. Was impressed. Quite a heck of a difference from my old Nikon 995 in Aquatica housing.


    Housing is really easy to use. I was shooting in Manual mode and had no prob in finding my way through camera controls.


    Here are two pics. I converted one of them in B&W.




    comments pls



  6. Ok OK! will try and save some more for a flat port! :? Id rather wish to get the dome port and flat port together! Oh yes...


    In reply to James thread that the 35-80 is all plastic... see image below. It looks metal to me and for around 80$ I think its a good investmentfor anyone's lens bag...especially at that price. :wink:




  7. Thanks James for the comment...


    I will try to fish for that lens too. Re; Diopters.... what would be the diff between a +3 and +4 diopter. Which one would you recommend? It is iether getting a diopter for the dome port or buy a flat port. I guess i will go for the dome port for now until i win the lottery or something :roll:



  8. Hi All,


    I found a decent priced good condition Nikkor 35-80 1:4-5.6 D AF Lens and would love to hear comments about anyone who has been using this lens U/W.


    Furthermore, I have some questions regarding using this lens with a 8" aquatica dome port. The Aquatica site lists that you will need a +3/+4 diopter with it. What are the pros and cons of using such lens with a dome port. What difference will the diopters make to the performance of the lens.







  9. Malta, in the middle of the Med has a population of circa 400,000 and is a full EU Member State as from May 2004. The island is full of dive shops and schools both for the recreational and the technical diver. Diving is good all year round but here are some average water temperatures:


    Jan 16

    Feb 16

    Mar 15

    Apr 15

    May 18

    Jun 22

    Jul 25

    Aug 26

    Sep 25

    Oct 23

    Nov 21

    Dec 19


    You wont find loads of coral here but fish life is good (especially in Gozo) and loads of wrecks for the wide angle enthusiasts. There is also the annual underwater photography competition called Blue Dolphin which usually attracts a good number of foreign divers. This year they have also introduced the digital photography section.


    Will soon have info on dive sites and wreck archive on the site so i will try to keep you updated. As for general info about Malta you can visit the Malta Tourism Authority site at www.visitmalta.com


    Hope to see you all soon in Malta. I'll get you some good diving packages with some of the leading dive schools both in Malta and Gozo! :wink:

  10. Dear All,


    Finally i managed to finish my site about underwater photography (and more) of the Maltese Islands.


    Till now, only the image galleries and the aquatic life database are working... the rest is still under construction... but feel free to have a look and add it to your bookmarks! Pls send me your comments so i will know how to make it better!







  11. Hi all,


    I am considering of getting another strobe to work with my DX90Auto. I saw a good price on a sceond hand S&S YS300 (a discontinued model). Can anyone advice whether thsi strobe would work well with the DX90 Auto?? If i set the YS300 in Slave TTL mode, would it fire according to the setting of the primary strobe (ie the DX90 Auto)? I intend using this strobe mainly for wide-angle photography so having the possibility of setting the YS300 in full, 1/2 and 1/4 modes would work well (with a housing with dual bulk-heads) Still, in any other situation, would it be possible to fire the YS300 in slave mode with the DX90 Auto, having the power on the YS300 regulated by the burst given by the DX90 Auto. Pricing is an issue. If I manage to get this second hand model at a reasonable price... it might be a good option.


    (I currently use a Nikon 995 in Aquatica housing but got the D70 with 12-24 and waiting for a housing which will 99% be the new aquatica with twin connectors. I wish to use the strobes on both housings)


    Please Help!!



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