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  1. Hi All, Has anyone used the Ikelite 3 inch dome (5503) with the Tokina 10-17mm lens and what are the results like? I have been using this lens for the last 10 years with a 8 inch dome, to great effect, but there are times that I would like to travel with less weight and less bulk. Is the Ikelite 3 inch dome worth looking at or should I go for a Zen mini dome? Cheers, Nigel
  2. Hi, Planning a trip to the Philippines in November and was hoping to dive the Coron wrecks. Can anyone that has visited this destination recommend a good dive operator/dive resort? Cheers, Nigel
  3. If you want land based and big animals I would recommended Lady Elliot Island, at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. Lovely resort and great diving with turtles, reef sharks, schooling fish, stingrays, eagle rays, leopard sharks, wobbegongs, tawny nurse sharks, sea snakes and one of the best spots for manta rays in the world. This is a link to a gallery of images on my website - http://www.nigelmarshphotography.com/lady-elliot-island.html Cheers, Nigel
  4. Thanks everyone for the comments, have decided to stick with DX and picked up a Nikon D7200 last week. Cheers, Nigel
  5. Mike, Great photos, especially love the goliath gropers. Next time I'm in the USA looks like I need to spend some time at Jupiter! Cheers, Nigel
  6. I didn't test every button, but they assured me that they all aligned and all worked. I believe the D7200 is being released in the USA tomorrow, so hopefully someone will be able to confirm this.
  7. I was at Oztek in Sydney over the weekend and the guys from Nauticam Australia had a D7200 in the D7100 housing and it all seem to fit perfectly.
  8. Jeff, Great image, according to my World Atlas of Marine Fishes it is a juvenile of the quite common coral shrimpfish (Aeoliscus strigatus). How big was it? Cheers, Nigel
  9. Thanks Pete, Really appreciate the honest opinion. Cheers, Nigel
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone, I hadn't even thought about the increased weight, but they may be a deciding factor. Alex, that is a hell of a lot of lens in that list. Cheers, Nigel
  11. Hi Everyone, I am just about to upgrade my camera and was hoping to get some advise on whether it is the right time to change to FX or stick with a DX system. I am looking at the Nikon D7100 (or the D7200 if it appears shortly as predicted) or the Nikon D750, both sound like great cameras and I have read every review that I can get my hands on. Now those that have changed over are you happy with the decision, or do you miss the DX system, especially the Tokina 10-17? And what are your preferred lens with a FX system? Any comments would be much appreciated. Cheers, Nigel
  12. Hi Bill, Thanks for the reply. I checked all the buttons at the time, each time it happened, but couldn't find an obvious problem. That housing had to be replaced by Ikelite when it developed problems with the flash circuits, it just died one day, so it may have just been a very dud housing. Cheers, Nigel
  13. Hi Guys, I have had several Ikelite housing and have always been happy with them, but had one that wouldn't funcition in depths beyond 35m. I could press the shutter release, but couldn't change any camera settings. This happened each time I went to depth with this housing, and as soon as I got above 35m everything worked fine. I have used my other Ikelite housings down to 50m without an issue, every button and dial worked perfectly. I contacted Ikelite and they told me that they had never heard of this before, but it now sounds like I am not the only one to experience this issue. Cheers, Nigel
  14. Adam, Thanks for the information, we will just have to work with whatever restrictions they put in place, just hope that it benefits the manatees, but it doesn't really sound like it. Cheers, Nigel
  15. When would these restrictions come into effect? As we will be there mid January next year. Cheers, Nigel
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