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  1. How much power is actually required though? My main reason for wanting to go optical with these is to eliminate any potential floods through cable connections etc - I don't know what it is like these days but 20 years ago it was a problem that I could do without.
  2. Unfortunately it's a bit hit & miss when relying on the Inon's sensor, which might be ok if you are doing a shallow dive and have loads of time to make small adjustments to strobe orientations, but when you are on a tech dive on a wreck there simply isn't time to be faffing about with stuff like that. My current system of laying out fibre optic cable at depth is a pain in the butt but it is reliable. Hopefully an optical remote slave trigger will become available that is on a cable like the Triggerfishes are.
  3. Has anyone fitted a Nauticam 45 degree viewfinder to a Nauticam 7D housing? Its larger than the Inon 45 degree viewfinder so I'm wondering how much it obscures the screen in the horizontal and vertical positions?
  4. It would work in some situations, but not in others where the strobes are hidden - please keep me updated on progress. I'm looking for some really thin fibre optic cable at the moment that might take away some of the problems of hiding the cables like I currently run.
  5. Currently I'm using fibre optic cable fired remote strobe systems for wide angle photography, but for some shots the time taken to lay the cable is a problem, on others hiding the cable is an issue. I'm wondering if there are any remote slave triggers that use fibre optic cable instead of Nikonos cords etc?
  6. I sometimes use liveview when shooting wide angle, for some reason when I select Quick Focus and try to shoot I get a shutter sound but no image is recorded. I'm guessing I might have a setting wrong somewhere but I spent three hours with the manual trying to work it out and got nowhere. Can anyone help? Steve?
  7. I was expecting it to be wet as it's the wet season, but a few that have turned up here the last few days didn't do their research. Has been bucketing down for most of the day.
  8. Cheers Steve. I'm leaning more and more towards using the 7D's live view for wide angle - I wasn't sure how well the AF would work with anthias but prefocusing was going to certainly be the option if it didn't work - prefocusing with the 10-17 should just about have everything in focus.
  9. Tuesday is off gas day, Wednesday is fly home so I should be ok. There are some pretty stunned people here in Tulamben at the moment that came expecting sunshine and great viz - has hardly stopped bucketing down since about 8am.
  10. I'm having one of those brain fade moments - when using the Canon 100mm macro lens with 1.4 Teleconverter do we normally use the Canon 250D or 500D diopter? I've got both but simply can't remember which one to use.
  11. Will that mode work for reef scenic images with lots of anthias flitting about etc? Can you point me to where it is in the 7D menus?
  12. Well you can actually - it's wet season in Bali at the moment, the currents in Tulamben are all over the place, viz is down, and today it is windy as all heck so we can't even get in the water so I'm teaching first aid to some locals for the day. The viz is too bad for shooting wide angle, and the surge is making shooting macro very frustrating. I vaguely recall that it might be dry season in Phuket at the moment?
  13. I'm in Tulamben, Bali at the moment, and a few people here have purchased Sola 600's in the last few weeks and they certainly are pretty annoyed with L&M for not mentioning the new models on their website so they could purchase the new photo model. A few of them have emailed L&M about it but they haven't received any replies which isn't helping L&M's reputation at the moment.
  14. Have you emailed them to complain? I saw last night that they still haven't updated their website to show the new photo lights so people are probably still buying the video light instead of the photo light.
  15. Seems like there a number of people that are pretty pissed off with L&M for not putting this information on their website having ordered the normal Sola 600 in the last few weeks not knowing that there was a new version available that is more suited to U/W photo.
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