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  1. Hi John, I know that this post of yours is dated already. Imagine, 7 years ago. But I like the idea of a float on top of the rig. Couple of questions: 1. The 3 and 5/8 diameter is the largest of the Divinycell disk? I guess you reduced the diameter by about 1/4" for each of the 5 other disks, so that the smallest would have a diameter of 2 and 3/8? 2. How does the rig hold up with a dome port? Did you have to weigh down the dome port with tire lead weights? Thanks in advance.
  2. Isaac, am not comfortable going through the steps. Fear of messing it up. If I had a drowned A6500, I would use it as my lab rat to gain confidence in doing the tear down to get to the door. Yes, the cost of shipping the camera over would cost a bundle too from where I am. But thanks for the information. Much appreciated. I will go use my trusty Dremel and cut out the door. Chris, yes we got several independents but I haven't heard of any good work from friends who went that route with their cameras. Instead of risking it, cutting the door out might be less intrusive and less risk in terms of getting the camera to remain working.
  3. I went to the Sony service center and asked if I could have the door removed. They said Sony doesn't allow this kind of work unless it is to replace the door. Geez. The tear down to get to the door looks like a lot of screws and cable pulling. Am not quite up to it. Might not get the camera to work after. Am thinking of using a Dremel to cut the door. I figured, I have never sold any of my old camera gear so most likely I will keep this camera till it dies on me.
  4. Hi Bill1946. Apologies. I need to remove the door so I can gain access to the USB and HDMI ports. USB so that I can charge the camera battery without disassembly of the camera from the housing. It's a pain to take the camera and lens out. Especially with a 90mm macro lens! The HDMI port I need access to so that I can connect it to a Dive and See external monitor. Isaac, thanks for much for this! I will see if I am comfortable doing this or will have the Sony service center do this for me. Let you guys know how it goes.
  5. I have an Ikelite housing for my Sony A6500. I need to have the door that covers the HDMI and USB ports removed. There's not enough room in the Ike housing to leave the door open. Has anyone done this? Thanks in advance.
  6. I got my Ikelite fiber optic adapter for my DS161. First time around it fires. Second and succeeding time it doesn't fire anymore. I installed the Ike EV manual controller and my strobe fires consistently. Looks like a failed adapter?
  7. Your photos of these critters in Anilao just blew me away. I wonder how you managed to keep the backscatter away from your photos knowing that when the current runs in Anilao, you will got a lot of floating material that will become backscatter. You shooting 105mm or 60mm macro lens?
  8. Thanks for the tips guys. Also for the link. Should have checked it first before posting this. Found it in the Digital SLR/housing section. I guess domestic flights in the Philippines are a little more lenient when they see you are carrying expensive gear as hand carry.
  9. Hi, it's been awhile since I last posted. 2003? But it's good to be back. Back then, I was using a Nikon Coolpix on an Ikelite housing with a single DS-125. Packing was so easy as the whole gear fit nicely on one small Pelican case. Today, I have a Nikon D70 on an Ikelite housing, a DS-51 and my old reliable DS-125. A Light & Motion Sola 600 for my focus light. Arms are Ultralight. Am happy with this setup but there's just too much equipment to lug around. I was wondering if any of you have found a way to pack this kind of rig, or similar, especially when you need to travel overseas to go on a live aboard. I got one huge Pelican case to hold all this photo equipment (or half a body), another cooler-size case for my dive gear, a mid-size tool box (for tools, spare 1st stage, etc) and a backpack for my clothes, point and shoot camera (LX3) and toiletries. My neighbors think I abandoned the wifey each time they see me load this up on my truck. There's got to be a better way to pack for a dive trip.
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