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  1. Some random thoughts.... I like to fish and, again, I only keep what I intend to eat. I've observed "old timers" catch buckets of fish only to bury them in the garden. They just didn't want to clean them. This makes me insane. Fortunately that type of behavior is disappearing (now rare) due to shame, peer pressure and education. I love a good steak. But, I eat more fish and chicken than red meat. Wild game is not uncommon for us to eat as well. We only kill what we consume. I don't know or associate with any "hunters" that don't have the same philosophy. I abhor killing for trophies. It perplexes some to find that those that kill and eat animals are actually very fond of the species they target. The American Duck Hunter is a prime example of this. Who has done more for the management, preservation and conservation of wetlands for waterfowl than Ducks Unlimited? No one. Waterfowl numbers are at incredible numbers despite generations of hunting. We have more animals today than we apparently know how to manage. Just ask PETA (regarding how many cats they kill annually - for the good of the species). But, I agree, responsible management and consumption are essential. Moderation is key as excesses always cause imbalance. This is where I feel animal farms are a necessary evil of sorts. I can live with it. We intervene when we think it is the right thing to do. Except, sometimes, we cause more harm than help. Consider this: forest fires are essential to new growth. New growth spurs growth of smaller species. Smaller species feed the larger ones and so on. Disrupt the cycle and you get imbalance. Look at the increase in Cougar attacks on humans as an example. Lack of new growth has abated the growth of the deer population and thus the Cougars look to new food sources. This is happening in areas where humans are not permanently residing. So, human encroachment is not the problem. Besides, we currently occupy what? 5% of existing land space? Space isn't an issue. The American Indian's understood this and were masters at harvesting and managing the land (utilizing controlled forest fires at times). But, for some reason we think we are smarter and also "care more". Thus, we continue to make bad decisions without considering the consequences (until they bite us in the rear - now sometimes literally). Then, "for protection" the problem animals have to be killed; due to our fear, ignorance, and arrogance. I'll continue to eat, appreciate, and support the beauty god placed on our planet for us to utilize responsibly. Fine with me, if you choose not to utilize it.
  2. Thanks. Another check in the "con" column. Modification is fine when there are no other options. A guy would be better off to modify a 350D anyway if he was fixated on S&S.
  3. The S&S DX-400D has the 0.8 viewfinder option. What does that mean in regards to the Inon 45? Will it fit or will a mod/adapter be required?
  4. The sharks are on the move so to speak. Industry caught in carbon ‘smokescreen’ A fool and his money are easily parted?
  5. Ooops. Thanks for setting me straight and showing the shortnose batfish! Very cool.
  6. Many fond memories are returning. We too stayed at Castle comfort. It was nice but I imagine the shore diving to be much superior on the Souffriere side. We spent most of boat dives down in that area. I don't recall any dives I was not impressed with. So, to wander out for a shore dive in such conditions is quite a treat. Ah the batfish! The elusive one. We tried so hard to get a picture. I'd love to shoot some video of one as it lights up and speeds away. Did you get any shots? EDIT: Ah yes, theres one. http://andresmith.speedalbum.com/Caribbean...s/5D505890.html Great shot. Looks like you timed that just right. I agree FF, the hot springs and falls were a nice treat. Beautiful views. This was our first trip to a tropical island with any kind of elevation. The bus ride was a little un-nerving! We had a nice chuckle along the way when we encountered a pickup with a guy in the back blowing a long trumpet horn of some sort. I guess the horn on the truck didn't work anymore..... For those that don't know, the roads there are narrow with lots of blind corners. The vehicles look tattered. Plus, no barriers on the edge. It teases the minid in the same way a shark dive does. What if it bit me? It won't..... but it could. Think positive. lol EDIT: Might I ask what this is? http://andresmith.speedalbum.com/Dominica%.../5D1005617.html
  7. Nice shots. I wonder if you did the same shark dive location we did? We were there the 5th-14th at Beqa Lagoon resort. It was pure chaos during the shark dives. The viz was a mess. We got to see a 12 foot Tiger on the first dive and some big Lemon's on the second. The viz was a little better on the second dive. Video snippet of second dive Aside from the shark dive, how was the current otherwise? We only had one dive that I considered "bad" because of the current. It was at Seven sisters and we had to huddle on the backside of one pinnacle. We never made it near any of the others. The overall viz was down in the area we were told. All the rain or maybe the recent Typhoon?
  8. Nice. Dominica is one of our favorite Carib locations to date. I've yet to see coral/sponges as healthy and large as there. Schools of Trumpet fish too. Oh look, another huge Moray..... Great dives. Scott's head was our favorite. We talked the resort in to taking us back there on a night dive. They balked at the idea for some reason but did take us. From the sound of it, they go there regularly at night now. We were there in 2003. We had a big pod of spinner dolphins run us in the bay. They held for a 1/4 hour until we stopped and jumped in for a look. That's always a nice bonus. Any favorite dives for you? Did you see any whales? We got lucky and saw a group. One of which was a 10-12 foot calf. No good dive pictures on our end. I was using a 35mm rental back then. Horrible little camera. All topside were with a cheap 1.3MP Oly. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I bought this lens a few years ago to try stacking with the other one I have. I just never use it. It's in perfect shape. Retails $149 plus shipping. http://www.inonamerica.com/products.php?pr...=2&subcat=1 Will sell for $100 shipped to lower 48 in USA. Thanks.
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