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  1. Link to Panasonic presentation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuxXBRLaqyw Seems like the S1 is a GH5 in a full frame?
  2. According to a press release from Atomos. https://www.atomos.com/press-releases/atomos-records-4k-10-bit-full-frame-video-from-new-nikon-z-6-and-z-7-mirrorless-cameras it would be possible to record a 10 bit 4K HDR from the new Nikon 7 series mirrorless cameras. Need Nauticam to release housings for the Nikons and for the Atomos V
  3. Atomos published a Youtube article in which Jeremy claimed that recording to the Shogun/ Ninja with a Log Profile was HDR.
  4. Original Atomos Shogun and later versions are touchscreen. The Nauticam Housing gives access to most important controls
  5. https://www.atomos.com/ninjav Whilst not cheap, at $695 US it does record at 4K60fps over HDMI. Hoping Nauticam produces a housing
  6. https://www.atomos.com/ninjav Looks like 4K/60p ProRes HQ No SDI, but HDMI 2.0 It should be a good option due to its smaller size.
  7. http://youtu.be/DTyZxVCBduo 4K 422 internally and dual image stabilisation. Looks like a significant upgrade over the GH4
  8. Have you considered the Nauticam GH4 housing. Very well thought out and constructed housing.
  9. Is this still available as I have had no response to PM
  10. Thanks One of the more frustating (and expensive) factors of underwater video/ photography is thet the newer/better? model almost never fits the older model's housing
  11. "- Not ideal screen position - very close to you, but perhaps I just need to get used to that, but at the moment I'm holding it out in front more. - Heavy - As I'm recording in 10bit, I can't have the GH4's info displayed externally, so changing settings, I need to 'flip' the flame up to see the screen for changes for example to WB, ISO etc." Agree, these are an issue with my shogun rig. With the size of the atomos screen you need to hold it out in front anyway to see the whole screen, unless you have geeko eyes. I usually just flip the screen up for WB ect, although for a couple of stops to ISO and apperture just look at the waveform. The clamp on the mounting makes it easy to adjust the position of the screen. I did experiment with mounting the atomos on top of the GH4, so I could see both screens at once, but it made it hard to control pitching up and down. Would you post some photos of your atomos housing with the door open and the recorder mounted. I am interested it what internal changes were made compared to the shogun version. Does the flame mount to the viewfinder door? Is there room to have both batteries fitted to the flame? Thanks, I'm envious aready. col edit to remove question about fans, you have already answered it!
  12. That's really interesting to hear it's buoyant. Had visions of needing MORE arms. Good to know. [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Initially I had problems getting the trim right and avoiding the lens pitching down. I ended up attaching a small trim weight pouch to a ball mount on the base of the shogun housing. From your photo it seems you could add the ball mount to the back of the housing instead. Does the original Shogun fit into the new housing?
  13. Interested to see how buoyant the housing is. I have the previous shogun and its about 2lb positively buoyant. One you get the trim right the size is really not that much of an issue in many circumstances. Even if it didn't offer 10bit recording, the size of the shogun viewfinder and focus peaking are increditably useful.
  14. Rajah Ampat on a liveaboard. I did a trip on indosiren from Sorong to ambon, in late august, a couple of years ago. A good mix of muck macro and mantas. Not a budget option but well worth it.
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