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  1. I recommend a contact lens in your 'worst' close up eye. Get a good optician to give a test and buy on line to your prescription I have been using this set-up for years and cannot praise it highly enough. I use one a day lenses that are inexpensive and never lost one while diving.
  2. The new Sony a6400 looks like a good option.
  3. You can store locally - I never use the cloud for storage.
  4. Agree with TimG. I import my RAW images applying a User Preset on the way in that does 90% of the processing I need - they are easy to set up and use.
  5. This is a flatworm - Pseudoceros scintillatus.
  6. Possibly Diversidoris aurantionodulosa Rudman, 1987 without the orange pigment on the elevated tubercles.
  7. Looks like a gastropod mollusc - not a nudibranch or other sea slug.
  8. The zoom gear is a must if you have the port to use it. I also recommend the vacuum valve for the peace of mind it brings, never mind the security.
  9. There is a tapped fixing point - what is the thread diameter?
  10. If you would like to buy my used NEX-5 and Nauticam housing PM me.
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