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  1. I am presently working on a 5 GoPro (Hero 4 Black) array. The GPs will be housed in iQsub 150m housings with flat ports and will be scooter mounted to provide overlapping FOVs for both video and photogrammetry applications.Could anyone please advise me of the resulting U/W FOV (vertical horizontal and diagonal): 1. 16:9 wide (topside FOV: 69.5, 118.2, 133.6) 2. 4:3 wide (topside FOV: 94.4, 122.6, 149.2) (https://gopro.com/help/articles/Question_Answer/HERO4-Field-of-View-FOV-Information) For the purpose of topside setup it would also be useful to know which settings will reasonably duplicate the reduced U/W FOVs. Many thanks in advance, Tim
  2. I've searched and searched to no avail... Would anyone know of a male YS mount or Gopro mount which is M6 threaded? Other that a proprietry solutions an option could be cannibalising a hot shoe mount which is provided with a M6 thread. The purpose for this is to mount a Gopro to a Bonex scooter which is already provided with M6 attachments. I'm not keen to introduce a 'train' of fittings comprising; M6 threaded 1" ball, clamp and 1" ball / Gopro mount. Hope someone knows more than me!
  3. I have the same setup. Two of my Nauticam FO cables refuse to fire the strobe, the third cable does... All seem to transmit the same quality of light from the flash trigger.
  4. Sigmas 8-16, 17-70, 70-200, 120-300 and Canon 10-22. Sigma x2 TC.
  5. Ford Transit Camper Van I've had this vehicle from new and only I have driven it. It was professionally converted by Acorn Motorhomes to my specification and to specifically accommodate my interests of diving and underwater photography. Whilst it has all the 'bells and whistles' for on-site camping it is equally at home' wild camping' at a secluded cove or harbour car park while you do a few days of back-to-back diving. On opening the rear load doors there's plenty of storage under the bed for multiple twin sets, stages and single cylinders and a steel bulkhead and tie-downs prevents heavy items from crashing about... Over the large bed there's an additional wide storage shelf / bunk #3. There's also a hand shower with running hot and cold water for either rinsing yourself or your kit and a gas locker which contains two 6kg propane cylinders. In the living area, the single passenger seat rotates 360 degrees to provide rear facing seating. The cooking facilities include a built-in a propane twin burner hob and grill plus a sink and mixer tap. The large bed converts into a comfortable sofa. There's over cab storage and ample lockers for food and cooking utensils. The 3-way fridge runs off mains, 12 volts DC and propane. Hot and cold running water to the sink mixer tap and hand shower is supplied by a water boiler running off either mains or propane and an on-board 70 litre fresh water tank. The vehicle is fully insulated and with the thermostatically controlled propane hot air blower running its as warm as toast during any season. Yes, overnights at NDAC in January are very dooable! Included are internal windscreen insulation panels and an external wrap-around insulation screen. On-board power is supplied by plug-in 240 volt mains or three on-board 110 amp hour leisure batteries supplying 12 volts DC or 240 volts through a 1500 watt DC/AC inverter. I can even run a low wattage electric blanket off the on-board system. Double glazed Seitz widows are installed in the side load door and opposite and a full length Ominstor cassette awning is mounted on Thule aerodynamic professional roof rails. Access to the roof is provided by a rear load door mounted Thule ladder. The vehicle is in excellent internal, mechanical and body work condition and it returns over 500 miles range from a full tank of fuel. It has always been serviced and MOT'd annually. Being a converted panel van it doesn't attract attention as a camper van. Consequently it's very easy to park up overnight at places where you'd get moved on in a coach built motor home. A medium wheel base vehicle parks easily in a standard parking space too. The huge benefit of a vehicle like this is freeing you from expensive accommodation which you'll have to pay for even if your dive trip gets blown out... Beware used panel van conversions which are often based on clapped-out high mileage 'white van man' trade vehicles. This is a very genuine vehicle which as a full set of documentation. Model: Ford Transit T280 medium wheel base, medium high roof Date of first registration: 17th January 2006 Engine: 2.00 litre turbo Conversion: Acorn Motorhomes Owners and drivers: One from new Servicing: Full service history - last service 2nd January 2014 Mileage: 45,000 MOT: Issued 30th January 2014 Included: Three 6 kg propane cylinders, full-length Omnistor awning, four Thule aerodynamic professional roof rails, three 110 amp hour leisure batteries, internal and external windscreen insulation panels, rear load door ladder. Price: £11,000 or near offer. May be viewed by arrangement at NDAC or my home which is only ten minutes away. Contact: Tim Moran - 07785 352306 or tj.moran@hotmail.co.uk
  6. FWIW I've taken the Nauticam carbon floats to 100 metres without any issues...
  7. Both the CF and SD survived and the battery looks good too. The rebatteried flood alarm is working and I have high expectations for the strobe trigger too. Alex is sending me a new Sigma 15mm and Clifton cameras a replacement body, including a rack of gratis Adobeware... Should be good to shoot the underwater jet boots next week on FF!
  8. Photoshoot, back to back diving, battery switch, in a hurry, distracted by my rebreather and didn't latch the housing back properly. On the plus side, it was in fresh water so the inside of the housing should be fine and won't need a strip-down and maybe the strobe trigger unit will have survived. Fingers crossed that the CD card is OK and the day's earlier images are safe. I'll give it time to dry thoroughly before I take a look. The day wasn't a complete disaster though as my son, CJ and aged 15, completed an advanced Nitrox and decompression procedures certification...
  9. This morning I received the Nauticam production model fibre optic strobe trigger. Thanks Alex! For the past few months I've been using the prototype Nauticam trigger which proved to be unreliable when shooting with YS-250s. Z-240s were OK. The production trigger seems to have resolved this reliability issue with the YS-250s and topside I just shot off 40 or 50 frames and successful triggers with connections made at either sync sockets on the strobes. I'll take my NA-5D3 and YS-250s to depth next week and will report back on the outcome. Later, Tim
  10. Would anyone know of a flat port available for an Ikelite G9 housing? Ikelite have discontinued these and a friend, who has just acquired a UWL-100 and dome unit, needs one. Many thanks, Tim
  11. I only use the DP-100 when shooting with the Tokina and Kenko TC (CFWA). However with just the Tokina the difference between the DP-100 and DP-200 should not be great but I'd expect the DP-200 will out-perform the DP-100 by a stop or two. Check out Alex's authoritative presentation on domes - http://wetpixel.com/articles/domes-without-the-drone HTH, Tim
  12. The answer is yes, the 230mm Zen is better with w/a rectilinear glass, DX or FX. I shoot 10-17 on FX with the 200mm but will only shoot the Canon 16-35 with the Zen 230mm on DX. Sure, it all comes down to image quality and the shooter's expectations. But if you are shovelling cash at FX, get the Zen 230... (or the new Nauticam rectilinear port) HTH, Tim
  13. I just received the Nauticam MkII prototype strobe trigger and can confirm that, topside and on the 5D3, it fires my YS-250s perfectly. I do need to confirm this with a dive but it looks good to go ;-)
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