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  1. I responded that I would like the INON arms and clamps, but have not had a response. Are they still available?
  2. is any of this still up for sale?
  3. Hello Just thought I would throw this out. I'm sure its been discussed before. I'm shooting with a OM-D EM5. I have the panni 8mm and don't get me wrong the panni is a wonderful lens for getting up close and personal with your subjects. I also have the oly 60mm. I would like to add another lens. A wide angle lens would be my next choice to shoot bigger and faster subjects. Does anyone have any thoughts on this advantages and disadvantages with the sort of lenses you might be using out there. Be happy to hear some thoughts. Marko
  4. Tim Not heart stopping but I did drop a few F bombs in the process. Positive note good learning moment. I will say again thanks very much for your help and support. marko
  5. Tom Yes everything is backed up on and off LT it was just a matter of opening them up.
  6. Here is the update I have reset the lightroom preferences it has worked which is really good, there is always a BUT. I think what it has done is reset the preferences to default all goods everything looks like its back in place, here comes the but, looks like all my catalogs are gone for what ever reason, so i think i might be back to square one. Not sure what the next set is. To everyone that commented i may not know any of you personally but, i really apreciate the comments and help each of you have given thanks so much. Marko
  7. Hoi Gerard Im not sure if it is should filter bar. I will give that a go, and let you know how I get on marko
  8. Hi Tim I found this link also last night while having a chat to Goose over the problem. I haven't given it a try yet but I think its the next option I will try when I get in tonight. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks for your help Marko .
  9. Yes i have given that a go to reboot ect no luck their with it either
  10. Hi Tim That does the tool bar above the thumbnails. The tool bar on the thumbnaills seems to be sitting under that? Gr Marko
  11. Can anybody Help Between the two arrows i seem to have lost the tool bar that sits above the thumbnails in Lightroom 5.7.1. I have gone into prefrences and purged the caches this seems to have done nothing to get this back on track. Can anybody help or advise me on this problem
  12. Some people only learn from a good BURNNNNNNNNNNNNN id make sure of it SD Marko
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