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  1. Just got back from Aruba using my new setup... DX80 and YS110 Strobes and I couldn't seem to get the light focused correctly. I used my fisheye lense on the wreck dives and I couldn't seem to get enough light on anything. When I got close to an object I would only get light in one area.....one circle of light and the rest was just dark. Is there a trick on where your strobes should be focused?
  2. I'm looking to buy some new sea Arms for my Sea and Sea DX-D200 Housing. I was going to buy two Sea & Sea, Sea arm VII's but I have heard that the Ultra light sea arms are pretty good too. Does anyone have a reccomendation or opinions?
  3. Wow! Nice pics those cuddle fish are awsome! What kind of lenses do you use. I was thinking of getting the nikon 10mm fisheye to start with.
  4. I have a new Sea and Sea NIKON DX-D50 Housing that hasnt touched the water. I recently got a D80 and have decided to go with it, unless the new DX-1G gets great reviews. Price:975.00 Location: Plano, TX
  5. I"m moving up from a Sea and Sea Motor Marine II setup to a Nikon D80 setup. I was buying equipment to go to the D50 but my girlfriend bought me a D80 for my birthday so I can't resist in going to the D80. My question is that I"m looking at getting the YS110 strobes with the Sea Arm VII's, and I'm wondering if this is the system to go to. I just went diving in Bahamas with Stuart Coves and they had a sweet set up. The sea arms seemed to colapse towards the body by just pushing them when at the surface. It looked like there was not much adjusting that had to be done once you got them where you want them. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated since this will be my first undewater DSLR rig.
  6. Sorry to hear about your losses. AS of date I have always carried on my stuff, but my rig was not that big. I was thinking about getting a pelican but now I'm going to stear away from that and continue to take everyhting on board.
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