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  1. Well I did cheat a little with the color in Photoshop. I have to do this most of the time since I dont have a strobe and NEVER use the built in flash. Not so much to get the reds back (I WB before each shot) but to get some "punch" into the photos. I am going to Komodo in Sept-Oct. Does anybody know what the "show up and pay" price is? I know it is much cheaper then if fix a liveaboard before you are there though a middle man. I will bring a real camera with me (Canon 20D) Any recomendations of filters to get a nice "blue water look"? All the best Erik Adler Sweden
  2. I agree with you Stu. It is not the gear as much as it is the photographer. Taking pictures of fish is like babies…you got to get there attention without scaring them. My camera cost me about 350USD and my “housing†cost me about 150USD. I am using a pocket S50 Canon with NO strobe at all and a cheep Canon housing. Every time I take a picture I have to white balance on a sheet of white plastic I have with me. This only works if there is lots of light and of course I cant shot RAW if I use WB. I am a DM up in N. Sulawesi for a few months of the year so I have lots of neat stuff to sure. [images deleted due to profane nature -editor] Yeah yeah I know the pics are not that sharp and the objects and the lighting is not that good...but what do you expect for a camera and house that fits in your pocket and costs less then 500USD. I am going to start shooting with a Canon 20D with strobes soon in a Subal. Looking forward to how my shots will improve. Think Ill use my 28-105 that I have for my EOS 50. All the best Erik Adler Camera hunk of s*it Canon S50, no strobes, house el-cheapo 150USD thing
  3. Wow the world is really a small place! How you doing! Got to say your stobe (if I remember right a Ikelite 125) really made the shots look good! I have to get one of them. Who knows we might just meet again! I have redone my page with a php album so there are a lot of "new" pictrures that I have put up now. They are under the link "All Albums" Say hi to your wonderful wife from Eva and me! All the best - Erik http://www.eriksworld.org
  4. Thx echeng! OK then I try it one more time! Give me a day or so to throw the pygmies into my gallary map in the link "All Albums". Got to say php really makes it a lot more easy to make a Album! PS thx guys/gals for sharing your photos with the rest of us! I really enjoy learning and looking at them! All the best -Erik Sweden http://www.eriksworld.org
  5. Since most of you like my shots I have put up a php site with a lot more of my photos! Just click on the All my albums link and a php album will pop up. When I get some more time I will add about a 100 more shots or so that I took from the area this summer. I spent 2 months diving the area so I got lots of photos! www.eriksworld.org To Vlad: I most of the pictures are from Lembeh taken about at 10-15m but some of them are down to 30m and the color still was somewhat OK! To Craiq and everybody else who wants pygmies! I got pygmies too! Lots of em! Ill put them up in the next day or so. To Echeng: The pictures look really good on film. The one of the of the 2 Ornate ghost pipefish is now a A3 on my wall and it look awesome! To Cybergoldfish: Thx! “Who says you will take grate photos with and expensive camera!” www.eriksworld.org
  6. I took all my photos with a s30 Canon. No strobe etc. Just the canon UW house. The built in man. WB was all I used. Just put up my site. I was Bunaken, Lembeh, Banka and Sipadan. Drop on by and take a look if you feel like nice UW photos. Would be interesting to hear what you have to say! All the best Erik www.eriksworld.org
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