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  1. Hello Dean, thanks a lot for sharing some examples looking in to the corners it really look like the 6lbs of the Zen Dome pay off . Best regards, Matthias
  2. Hello Dean, I would love to se some example with the "Zen 230mm Dome". Would be nice if you could share one ore two image results. Thanks a lot, Matthias
  3. Hello Mike personally I come to the point that It might be better co consider the 17-40 even so I never owned it. For the 16-35 you will really need a Dome which is big but you also you should be really sure that someone made the combination working. You will not find any decent and affordable Diopter for 82mm thread (if it is required). The topside test of the 16-35 vs 17-40 show that there is no real gap between the lenses. Several persons are using the 17-40 + 5Dmk2 with very good results example Tony Wu a lot of his whale shots are with the 17-40 and a ProOne dome (ok this is also a bit a special one). I guess it really depends more on the glass you have available in front of the lens then on the F2.8 compared to the F4. Regards, Matthias
  4. Dear All, thanks a lot for your feedback. I will begin with ISO 400 and 1/400s and see what aperture I will get out of that. I hope that the weather is on my side. After that I will see in which direction I can go with the settings .... First I have to finalize my DIY project in the next few days. Best regards, Matthias
  5. Hi Viz'art, hi Drew, thanks a lot for your feedback. I was kind of expecting that due to the shallow waters the filter might turn out to cause a color cast. Best regards, Matthias
  6. Hello together I am planing a two weeks trip to Madeira and hope that I can get my newly build DIY pole cam in the water (Nexus + 5D mk1 + EF 15mm Fisheye). I am hoping to catch some whales / dolphins. Now I am not sure if I should get a set of Magic Filters for the trip. - Whats is your opinion / experience with taking Ocean images close to the surface the magic filters especially in 0,3 - 1m? Would you advise to use the Magic Filters? - Whats would be your preferred ISO / aperture to start with for those ambient light shots ( of cause depending on the light condition / sunny / cloudy /....... ) Thanks for your feedback. Best regards, Matthias
  7. Hello together, it would be nice to see a result of some users with the 160 Dome. I have one to but only used it with my 15mm on FF. Thanks, Matthias
  8. Hi, Just browsed around and found the long time announced New!! Nexus for Canon 16-35mm f2.8 II/ I USM multi Port Set. Fun-In Unfortunately its currently off my budged. as well yus newly anounced the Nexus Housing for Canon 5D MarkII Fun In Anthis also not so old the Athena port for the Nikon 14-24mm port For Sea&Sea housing Fun-In athena and as well a Athena port for the for Canon 16-35mm f2.8 II athena Let's see if someone can soon or later bring up some test samples of the different products! Best regards, Matthias
  9. Hi Nuno I also used the 5D in combination with the 100mm Macro USM. I also tried it for a couple of dives with a Kenko 2x TC + the 100mm USM nevertheless this combination is a bit a pain to focus. The AF is really not reliable. Therefore a 150mm is I guess a far more reliable with AF. Nevertheless if you like to go beyond 1:1 then a 150mm (1:1) and a 100mm (1:1) make no different. But the 150mm will increasing the working distance so more shy gritters night feel still comfortable and do not try to escape due to you approaching it. Therefore you really feel the need of more than 1:1 because the tiny Nudi branch of 10mm length is hard to find on your 36mmx24mm Sensor at (1:1) then you really need a diopter or TC. The 2x TC is in therms of image quality really only a compromise but several people proved that it is possible to grate great pictures with it. Best regards, Matthias
  10. Hi Mary regarding the dome question. - Largest Anthis nexus optical glass dome is currently only 160mm in diameter. - there is as bel a 170mm acrylic dome with reasonable deeps rating, and a 230mm acrylic dome with no deeps rating mainly designed for surface half-half images currently nexus has various smaller optical glass domes especially designed for certain Nikon lenses 10.5mm / 15mm / Tokina 10-17mm / .... but not real comprising do a "optical super dome" (one dome for all). Especially Canon users do have not a big variety apart from the Tokina 10-17mm. I still hope....! Best regards, Matthias
  11. Hi Matthew, thanks for sharing your positive experience with the dome. As far as I understand you you did not use a additional diopter / close up lense with your 17-35 Nikkor? I would like to see some result of a Canon 16-35 USM II behind this dome it has the same close focus distance. Thanks again, Matthias
  12. Hi Sam, Thanks for the detailed infos. Best regards, Matthias
  13. Hi Sam, Nice job! Did you make the back plate by your self or did you contact nexus for a new one. I understand with the correct set of tools this would be possible. Nevertheless still takes a lot of effort to measure out the correct tollerances for the push button penetrations..... Can you tell me a bit more about your 8" Dome you use? thanks a lot, Matthias
  14. Hi Matt Please let us know more about this magic tool: I would like to get my 16-35 II working behind my dome! Cheers, Matthias
  15. Hi Greg I don't have experience with Sea & Sea but I thing if you are using the Canon full frame then sea & sea might have a advantage for wide angle ports. Anyway a 10-17mm mm lens will not work on FF. Aquatica like mike said has also some bigger domes but I did not her a real success sorry of canon FF user with the new 16-35mm USM II. Everybody still claims the soft edges due to the not correct dome configuration. The next thing is that the new 16-35mm USM II has a filter thread of 82mm where you hardly find affordable quality filter / diopters. the best thing would be a 77mm filter thread so you could use the Canon aromatic close uo lens on a 17-40mm or the old 16-35mm USM. The best guess would be a very very big dome like the 9.25 Aquatica. how about here or here I have the nexus 5D using the 100mm macro the 15mm fisheye so far. I am happy with this gear. But so fat I did not yet get the 16-35mm USM II in my dome to work. I also must say that Anthis (Nexus) currently does do less, research of suitable canon lens / port combination especial for wide angle on Full Frame. I am sure that there will be some combinations of the current Nexus Port program specified for hundreds of Nikon lenses which could work for Canon lenses as well. I with I could ones have a unlimited access to there ports and extensions and just tier them one by one in the pool. The new big Athena vario dome would be also on my list if I had the money just for giving it a try and putting it back if it does not work......... I hope the future will bring some better specifications. Matthias
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