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  1. Hi, I've been using both for the last 3 month. What I please more on the 10-17 is the ability to narrow a bit when I find other divers on the corners... The 10-17 is a bit slower to focus when there is not enough light. Sometimes, when changing from 10-17 to 10.5mm, I forget the extension ring and mount the 10.5mm with it...
  2. Hi, I have seen someone using a pair of Z240 with light orange difusers about 1mm thick. I was wondering what CC30 or else Pro Filter he was using but I've realised he found a solution with the bottom of a thin Tupperware case He is getting very pleaseant blues with it... Wonder if his wife found out what happen to that particular Tupperware case
  3. Hi guys, thanks for your help. I'm heading to Galapagos next 21thOct. Sure I'll follow your advice and bring my 2 strobes, WA setup and short arms. What about using reef hooks for the currents?
  4. WOW great pics Alex, you did it again You know they have frequent splash-in contest on each Canarian Island (being the most known the El Hierro Open once a year on October) and they have the oportunity to improve their skill troughtout competition. Of course they also have excelent sea conditions...
  5. Hello, I'm about to buy this one. What do you think about it? NV200 Concept Car
  6. Hello Tim, excelent photo, nice contrast! thanks for the attention. I do have the old Nikon Capture that allows me to upload the custom curve. By the way: wonder why the new Capture NX lost this software feature? I'll try the simple S-shaped costume curve. It'll be a hard job because I can only try one curve at each dive... guess "no pain no gain"
  7. Hello John, it's because sometimes I have to shoot JPG rather than RAW (splash in contests and so on) so I have to make all the decisions before and not after shooting
  8. Hello, I use a Nikon D70s underwater. For Wideangle photos I use the shooting menu -> Optimize image -> Custom -> Tone compensation +1 (medium high). Sometimes I use +2 (high). I use the same options for Macro. I know there are some Costum Tone Curves to get better results for WA and others for Macro. Did someone tested some of this Tonal Curves underwater? Conclusions?
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