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  1. Hi I have an inon UFL-165 that i got maybe 3 years ago. Great lens but ive been noticing recently that its getting easier and easier to mount/ dismount the lens, either on/off of the caddy or the housing. It looks like the bayonet fitting on the lens is plastic whereas the housing side bayonet is metal- i can see a little ground down part on the lens mount which is making me suspect that ive been wearing away at the plastic part with every on/off cycle. Has anyone else noticed this and if so- any idea how easy/ expensive this will be to fix? Thanks in advance for any tips Neil
  2. Sorry for bringing up an old thread- but i would be VERY interested in hearing about this. Its one of the only limitations i can find using this hack with the camera in the housing. I would like to over-ride Tv, iso and Av settings through the cdhk while underwater, but cant currently. i have to set them at surface and leave them. Some shot combos just cant quite work with the settings- say setting Tv to 2000 to get really black backgrounds on macro strobe shots, then switching to wide-angle ambient shots with the fisheye- i'd be stuck at Tv 2000. Cheers!!
  3. Thanks so much for the prompt reply. I hadnt expected an easy answer, since we have to factor in crop factors (4 x crop factors with the 1/2.5 inch sensors) and non linearity of Fl lenses, plus its a wet-mount lens, so there probably is no real way to calculate it other than to go out and get it wet. Now iunderstand why people take about these lenses in terms of 'degrees coverage'. Thanks again. you dont happen to have any pics shot with this lens on a consumer digicam i can use as a reference? Cheers
  4. hi there cant seem to find this anywhere- SLR lenses are measured in mm, eg, wide angle being 10.5 or so. My question is, what is the mm equivalent value for the INON UFL-165AD? I know what degree of coverage it is, but what would i call it if i was talking about it in terms of 'mm'? 10.5, 15, 18? cheers Oh, and any shots taken with this lens on a typical prosumer level digicam ( i have an A570) would be hugley appreciated!
  5. Hi there With the inon sTTL mimicing the on-camera pre-flash for determining correct flash output and exposure, how does this system work if the camera is set to fully manual (where the pre-flash is turned off- since its manual it doesnt do TTL so no preflash). I have a canon A570 and am trying to get really familiar with the sTTL on the d2000s Any info very much appreciated.
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