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  1. Take a look at Richard Salas's work. He often uses only a single strobe but I think it is always attached to the housing. Holding it in your hand seems strange and a bit risky if a dive situation happens. Bill
  2. Unlike Chris I typically only take the o-ring out once a week or so. But I do inspect to make sure there is no sand or grit (In Bali I clean it every day). I do clean out the threads in the cap regularly and put a bit of Tribolube on the wall of the cap so it screws in easily. Haven't flooded an INON (15 years) but have had a couple of floods with S&S. Bill
  3. That and in many dive destinations I suspect travelers from Australia, NZ, Korea etc. will be welcomed but from the US (at the moment) not so much. Bill
  4. In fact the dimerization it is done at 80C in a reaction tower with lots of cooling. The chlorine addition is done at 60C or so (at least according to my very old o-chem text. BVA
  5. We have had the same Garuda experience but I think Lion/Wings now have a zero allowance for checked bags, you have to pay for everything. Typically for 2 of us about $80-$100 US per in-country flight. Bill
  6. The whole wetsuit story is getting more interesting. It turns out (I think) that the Yamamoto guys actually use the tires by burning them to make the heat to convert the acetylene into chloroprene. Waste heat then supposedly goes to an eel farm. In any case what isn't clear is why polychloroprene from chloroprene from acetylene is any different than from butadiene. Marketing is a wonderful thing.
  7. You want the Asahi stuff MCQ 1000 https://www.i-fiberoptics.com/fiber-detail-asahi.php?id=3355&sum=166 Now it is $7.50 per meter. Bill
  8. Chris: Nice write up. One point is that I don't think the limestone needs to be replaced. I think it goes like (from an old paper in J Chem. Soc (1957) Ca(OH)2 + Heat (500+C) -->CaO + water CaO + C +Heat (2000C) --> CaC2 +CO CaC2 + H20 --> C2H2 + Ca(OH)2 It is the carbon that is replaced. In my remembrance in the US they used charcoal as the carbon source, probably cleaner than tires but not as eco friendly. I think all the stories about more closed cell and warmer are all marketing BS. Once you have chloroprene then you can process it however you like Bill
  9. Chris: If you are still interested in some Wratten Filter material I can dig some out of our lab and send you a 2 or 3 inch square. Bill
  10. I can not get the Toslink fiber to reliably trigger most strobes from the Nauticam LED trigger. You can get multi-core fiber by the meter at Industrial Fiber Optics. Bill
  11. You can get one from https://fotografit.eu/products/188-inon/2789-inon---lock-ring-for-viewfinder-unit/ for 8 Euro. Shipping should not be so expensive.
  12. bvanant


    If you mean sell use the classifieds
  13. I think that the adapters for the old styles work fine for the T4, BUT the short version for T4 will not work on the older sensors where the sensors are physically longer You can also use the Kraken adapter if you can find them (Mine were special order from Kraken) Bill
  14. It is expensive living in Australia (but worth it if you can get in the water these days). 100 mm square Wratten 2A filters are about $30 US. I haven't tried one for defringeing but we use one occasionally for some fluorescence filtering work in the lab. Bill
  15. I haven't tried the Retra but they fire for me with the Nauticam LED trigger for the olympus Bill
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