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  1. Do you have a ballpark figure for what you're looking for when it comes to the housing itself, if you do decide to part with it?
  2. Just to clarify, as I said above, I did NOT ever enter the photo into any Photobucket contest (or any other contest for that matter). The only place that I had ever posted the photo prior to the CBS usage was to a post on one of my own websites (http://www.thedorsalfin.com/shark-news-stories/do-atlantic-great-white-sharks-follow-rowboats-for-hours-to-days/). The only other time that I have posted the photo since is in these comparison photos.
  3. I've never entered any Photobucket contests, but I didn't see my photo in there (although, I didn't look at every single picture). The white shark photo that appears in the top-15 of that contest is the same one that was added to the Creative Commons by somebody who didn't actually take it. However, that photo is not mine. EDIT: Sorry for the double-post.
  4. I did several comparisons with the photo and and screen-caps from the CBS vid. As you can see in the above comparison, there is a mackerel scad tail in the exact same spot on the left side of the photo, the shark is in the same position, lighting is identical. It seems the image might have been additionally processed, but I'm fairly certain it's the same image. I've even done overlay in PS with the original image on a layer and the screencap below and modified the opacity for comparison's sake. There is even a particle of "scatter" above the tail of the mackerel scad that shows up in the exact same spot in both images when viewed at full-size. Screencast of image comparison in PhotoShop.
  5. One of my white shark images from Guadalupe showed up much to my surprise on the nationally televised CBS Early Show. The image was not one of my better ones, and I think it's actually a screen-cap from some video I shot at Guadalupe years ago. I had used the image on my blog sometime last year, and TinEye doesn't reveal any other instances of the image elsewhere on the web, so I'm guessing somebody just pulled it from my blog. The image is the white shark image shown over the anchor's shoulder in the right-corner when the story initially starts. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7215678n I'm not a pro-shooter, so it's not like I'm losing out on anything by CBS using my image, but I was a bit surprised to see it there, considering the resources that a major tv network should have. I would have been happy to provide CBS with some much better white shark images for free (with a photo credit), if only somebody had asked.
  6. You can see the photo as it appeared on GWA's site using WayBackMachine. The earliest appearance of it appears on February 6, 2005 http://web.archive.org/web/20050206213441/.../guadalupe.html According to the folks at GWA's Facebook page, the photo was taken in 2003 at Guadalupe by Mark Marache aboard The Searcher.
  7. I'm potentially interested in the housing, if it is still available.
  8. Excellent shots. I'm heading back to Guadalupe on Oct. 18th with Great White Adventures. Hopefully, we'll get some conditions as nice as yours.
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