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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvFYEXruQyY&fmt=22 You tube link to slideshow of last dive Troy
  2. http://www.photodex.com/sharing/viewalbum.html?alb=152173 Try this
  3. Hello Everyone Just an update. UK-Germany promised a pool test awhile back. Since then until now, I have had no customer support, emails, returmed phone call etc. I begged one of there resellers to have Uwe (Owner)contact me to atleast let me know the results. Still no email or phone call. Anyway, here is a slideshow link of my last dive. I still enjoy my set up though. Simply copy & paste. Regards D:\Underwater Slideshows\Under the Sea.html
  4. Hello everyone, Just an update on corner blur improvements. Test pool completed and as i understand it some tests are being done to design a bigger port for improved corner sharpness by Uwe at UK-Germany. It has been 8 months since I purchased the housing for my camera. I can say I am still happy with the purchase but still waiting for some improvements for w/a shots. I will post samples hopefully during this summer from a new port. I hope and pray. Troy
  5. Hello Chris, The H3D-39 mf camera u/w is an amazing tool. I just recently sent it in to Denmark for maintenance and received a free focus calibration that is just simply incredible. The raw image w/o a single drop of sharpening is pin sharp and has improved my u/w shots. However, there are 2 remaining steps to get to the next level: 1). The new Phocus software for pc users will come out in June to allow 800iso shooting (400iso now) 2). All 4 corners do show blurring varying with subject distance from port. A new port is supposedly being worked on. Heat from the db is not an issue, the images are clean as a whistle. Keeping the housing from direct sunlight whilst in the boat between dives is advisable so it doesn't sweat inside with condensation inside when going to cool deep depths. I am presently compositing images for wall murals to sell and eventually fire burn ceramic tiles. troy
  6. Sample 8ft canvas composite for the Port and Marine Department Troy
  7. Hello Buddy, The H1 Digital 22mp was paid for by one job when it was loaned to me by my supplier, long before what I have now with my housing. hope this clears it up. Also your right, I will post some photos of my set up as soon as I get back from assignment here in Long Island. Troy
  8. Uwe is buliding a small testing pool. So lets see what he comes up with. Any improvemnet in corner sharpness will be greately appreciated. troy
  9. Thanks guys, According to Uwe, the size of the dome isn,t the problem. Rather it's the distance from glass to port. Since my 22mm equivilant w/a lens is not super wide maybe this is true, but the lens is huge. I don't know if this plays a factor in corner blur. I will contact Ryan at Reef. Thanks for the lead. Troy
  10. Just got off the phone with Uwe at Uk-Germany and was told that they are building an acrylic 1meter cube pool to physically test for port corrections to correct the corner to corner issues. His estimate is around 6 weeks to have good results. This is good news for me and I will post more on the results with photos. Thanks troy
  11. Good morning Loftus, It has been awhile as I have been very busy. Thanks for the comments. I agree, in fact the dome port that was given to me by UK-Germany is an 8" dome port. The 28mm is huge. I don't understand why they did this. As I understand it now, there is a Super Dome port (9.5 or 10in) offered by Subal or Seacam. With some modifications would this not have been a better option? The corner to corner sharpness is perfect out of water and the software (Flexcolor) corrects any other related issues. Is there any info someone can send my way to get a better dome. By the way, I have the 1dsmk3 and I am very happy with it. Not ready to take it u/w though. Thanks, troy
  12. Hey Loftus, A little sharprning was used. The crop resulted in aprox 7x10 @ 300dpi. Again, I don't think my set up is for super macro but, the results are good enough I think. I will play around with settings to determine the sharpest results next weekend. I think it can get better. Troy
  13. Secretary Blenny Troy http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=20...8777&size=l
  14. hello everyone, For a few weeks there was a band of green water at the top and blue under 15-20ft. You can see the slight grade in the photo but in actuality it was a lot more evident.
  15. Thank you everyone for your comments. They are well received. Troy
  16. Hello Everyone, Just thought I'd post some images for fun. It has been bad weather for a while now and no good macro opportunities as of yet. Still December should be better. Regards, Troy
  17. Good Morning Cor, I hope to. The thing for me will be to learn how to work within the limits of macro issues. That being some or most of the critter being out of focus due to dof issues. Some posts back, I mentioned that I would be happy to get a critter or critters fully in focus in its/their environment so when I go to large print the image wouldn't break apart or the majority of the print being out of focus. Do you have any samples that show a deeper dof and what did you have to do to get it? Regards, Troy.
  18. Good morning Tom, Thank you and I hope to improve. I am really practicing now until the weather gets better. Many shots will come before April, but summer time is best. When the water is like glass and clear I like to go early in the morning and late in the day shooting HD video u/w with my XL-H1 housed by Gates. I can't wait to do the same with stills. Stay tuned, Troy
  19. Good morning Dan, I didn't know there was a third. I think the H-series is on a different level though. Does he have contact info to the public? Thanks, Troy
  20. Good Morning Cor, Thank you for posting illustrations to show dof etc at f.8. As we continue to see more using different settings, we will see practical samples of how much more of the image can be in focus. Remember, the closer you get to your subject even at high f.stops, dof will still be an issue and increasingly so. Also, very critically, a good contrast line is best to find to lock in focus and you better not budge or subject not move. Difficult for both formats. I must say sincerely that I am not finding my set-up cumbersome. My view through the viewfinder is so bright and HD-looking, I can zero in on my subject w/o guessing anf get the shot. Now, if there's movement by the critter or me at the extreme end of my macro, then therein lies the difficulty. In my H3D, I have the option to dial in "near scan" as opposed to "full scan" to give specific info to Flexcolor. Now, at this point I am interested to find out if a cropped portion of my frame would work out better since the image might be sharper and have better separation between colors. This is to be seen and proven by me and I will be sure to posts samples to show results either way. Once all is found out, both formats can determine how to maximize their strengths. This is great stuff, I feel that I can learn new things, Thanks Cor, All the best, Troy.
  21. Here is a flikr version of the penny test http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=18...9320&size=l And the other one http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=18...2170&size=o Troy
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