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  1. Thanks for the ID--spot on. I conjecture that the first critter is NoumeaellaSp5.
  2. Photos taken off of Tulamben, Bali. Thanks!
  3. Photo taken off of Tulamben, Bali
  4. Photo taken of Tulamben. Bali.
  5. Is this critter in the Tenellia genus? If so, what is the species? If not, please identify. Photos taken of Tulamben, Bali. Thanks!!
  6. Photos taken in the waters off of Tulamben, Bali in Sept. 2022. Thanks
  7. Photos taken in waters off of Tulamben Bali in September, 2022
  8. Hey- thanks. Yes, Hypselodoris tryoni may be the best match even though this particular one does not have the dark tan areas on it and the spots are larger and less numerous. Perhaps it is a juvenile.
  9. These photos were taken in the waters off of Tulamben, Bali in September, 2022. Have looked thru several nudibranch ID books without finding an obvious match.
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