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  1. Selling my Ikelite underwater housing for my Canon 20D. My camera just recently died and I have no use for the housing anymore. It is in great condition. Probably less than the "normal wear and tear" for an item like this. I took good care of it. There are some very minor scratches on the dome port, but nothing that affects the images or focusing. I have never had a problem. It comes with the 8 inch dome port and extra O-rings, cover for the port, tray and handles, and zoom gear. Im asking $825 for it. I would like to sell it on island ( I am from Hawaii and live on Oahu). It would just make things easier, but if you are interested and out of the state, feel free to let me know. The camera is pictured, but it is not for sale, it needs a new circuit board. But if you want it, make me an offer.
  2. The strobes have been sold, thanks for the interest
  3. Still looking to sell both these strobes. The price is negotiable so private message me if your interested. Mahalo
  4. I wish I didn't have to do this, but I haven't had much time to use my gear since I bought it. I'm in need of some money for some moving expenses coming up. I have 2 Sea and Sea YS-250's which I only used on 3 maybe 4 dives. I would like to sell them as a set but if I get two separate responses asking for one I will do that too. I also have a dual Sync cord that hooks them up to an IKE housing which I will throw in for an extra $60. Im asking $800 each for the strobes or $1600 for both. I checked the price and right now they are listed at over $1000 a piece. Im open to negotiating so if your interested just send me a private message. Mahalo. The strobes are in great condition. Just a few very minor scratches from resting on the deck of the boat or sand. They have probably only been fired 200 times. They will come with diffusers, chargers and batteries.
  5. I purchased the Mares Liquid skin mask when I first got my UW housing. It's a great mask but didnt work well with my viewfinder on my housing so I actually switched and purchased the Atomic frameless mask. It's a GREAT mask in my opinion. Extremely clear (once you break it in and rub enough toothpaste and defoger on it), very comfortable and easy to use while looking through a tiny viewfinder. Good luck!
  6. Just another tip for fixing the color balance in post proccessing. As Scott suggested, use a white point in the photo to correct for color temp. However, you may not have a white area in your photos so try taking down a solid white color peice of PVC pipe or white board (something small) with you. Take a shot of it at the depth your going to be shooting. Then later when your proccessing your photos you can use that one photo to correct the color for all your other photos. Then you can make individual adjustments on single photos if you wish, but that should correct the color for the most part. Good Luck.
  7. Does anyone know if this viewfinder works in the Ikelite housing for a 20D? And if not, is there any viewfiinder that works on the Ikelite 20D housing?
  8. I agree, this isn't fish harrassment. People spear fish to feed themeslves. It's not any worse then fishing with a fishing pole with the intetion of eating your catch. There is no reason to call spear fishermen fish killers.
  9. Awesome shots James, That looks like a lot of fun. Even if it is cold.
  10. You have a good point. I guess I could always sell the 60mm, plus I probably will keep the 20D as a backup. Although im also looking at the 50mm 2.8, which will work on the full frame as well. hmmm, I'll have to keep thining and researching.
  11. That doesn't sound too complicated. I can figure that out. Sounds like a good idea too. And yea, the conditions wernt great, shallow dive and a bit if surf which churned things up. I might have been able to get a little closer but i was already about 3 feet from him. Thanks for the input. Much appreicated
  12. See if that works. I feel like i over do it though on processing them. I should be able to take a better original, but maybe itsuscause im still new to UW photography. I think i took this on my second dive with my camera. Any suggestions are welcome. Good or bad, please. i could use some input.
  13. Their have been a few posts im sure on what macro lens is best for canon users. I have read most of them but still a bit unsure. Most of the posts were somehwat older so i figured id ask again. I shoot a canon 20D right now and will for about the next year im sure but eventually will upgrade to a full frame 5D or whatever else canon may come out with in the next year or two. My question is which macro lens would be best. The 60mm will only work on the 20D and not full frame so it may not be worth getting if im planning on upgrading to full frame in the future. How do people feel about canons 50mm macro? Im also looking at the 100mm macro but I think i might want a bit more versatility and be able to shoot some large fish as well. Im not sure if the 100mm will allow me to do so. Im not against sigma glass either so any other suggestions regarding any other lenses are welcome. And now onto the fisheye. Im really only looking at the 15mm fisheye from either canon or Sigma. I like the Tokina and have read great reviews, but again, it will only work on my current 20D so im not sure if its worth it. Please help, I always have troubles deciding on which lenses to get. Mahalo Dan
  14. Well I haven't been shooting UW long, but I use full manual control on both camera and both my strobes. So far its been a lot of work, but with each dive it gets easier and i get a bit faster. What was recomended to me was to not worry about shutter speed too much i the begining. I set it at 1/125th and pretty much leave it at that. Then I set my f-stop accordingly, which is usually about 8 in th waters im diving. Then it just depends on how far away i am from my subject. All i have to do then is tweak the power and positioning of my strobes. Although i someties have to take a few shots before i get the strobe power correct. Right now its just sort of a matter of eperiementing. Im sure there is a better way, but this has been working for me a bit better then the first time when i jsut kept changing every component. I'll be interested to see what others say about what they do. Oh and BTW, I shoot WA
  15. I only kept up with some of his first posts and realized all he was doing was trying to show off and act like he is better then everyone cause he shoots MF and apaprently has a crap load of money. Not that everyone acts like that if the shoot MF, but he wanted everyone to know (everday). Thanks for suspending him. I was tired of seeing his name pop up cause I knew all he was doing was bragging.
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