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  1. Hi Folks, I am off to (hopefully) video giant mantas and I need some advice. I want my Canon 7D Mark 2 to follow focus as a manta swims closer. Previous attempts were not highly successful - I know there are several different focus modes in the submenus and wonder if any of you have any recommendations. Thanks.
  2. Hi Amadeo, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you - been on a dive trip in Fiji. Yes, the housing is still for sale. I'm asking $800 in view of its pristine condition and Ikleite overhaul. Cheers and beers, Paddy
  3. I would sell the case and lens for $1200 ... And I'll send as many pictures as you want :-) So sorry to hear of your losses. Cheers and beers, Paddy
  4. Looks like I owe you a major apology Yolanda - I should have looked up your profile before shooting my mouth off. I'm sorry. In my defense I've been plagued by photo scams in the last month. Twice I have had folk set me up to take "family portraits" only for it to evolve in me putting extra money on their credit card and paying cash to someone else. I didn't do either but they've all finished with "god bless" so I was immediately suspicious. If you'd like to start this discussion again I can provide photos of both the housing and the camera plus copies of the receipts for the service. Cheers and beers, Paddy
  5. Really? This sounds like phishing to me. Who the hell says "god bless" when replying to a post and why would you need pictures? You don't know what a Canon 7D and an Ikelite housing look like?
  6. I have a Canon 7D, Canon 60 mm macro and an Ikelite 7D housing for sale (I just upgraded to a 7D Mark 2). The housing is still in the Ikelite packing after being overhauled (new back amongst other things) and is in mint condition. The 7D has just been serviced by Canon and has just over 16,000 shutter cycles. The package is yours for $1995. I will consider selling separately.
  7. Anyone know how a Canon 30D compares with the 5dMKII for control positioning? They look pretty similar in the photos/diagrams. I'm wondering if I'll be able to get the 5DMKII to fit in my Ikelite 30D housing.
  8. Sorry about that. It won't happen again. I'm new to both Wetpixel and posting to a forum. Commercial trips is a much better fit for the adventure anyway. You can check out more info at http://www.ryanphotographic.com/kriecodivetrip.htm Cheers, Paddy Ryan
  9. No idea. But the specimen appears to be an adult male judging by the apparent brood pouch down the side. It's not Micrognathus pygmaeus because that species has a tail fan. The closest I could find is the dwarf pipefish Acentronura tentaculata (in the addendum of Fishes of the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea by Randall, Allen and Steene). The authors say "no caudal fin; tail prehensile like a seahorse,. Color variable, often mottled dark greenish brown". But this guy is apparently an adult and way shorter than the 6.5 cm quoted by Randall et al. Probably a new species. Good find. Cheers (and beers), Paddy
  10. Isn't this too big for a myzostome? Cheers, Paddy
  11. Sorry James ... it's been fixed. Cheers, Paddy
  12. The hottest place in world diving. Raja Ampat Islands (Kri Eco resort). July 6- July 20, 2008. Land component $2800, can arrange air for under $2000. Non-smokers only. Contact Paddy at 303-457-9795 or email at paddyaryan@gmail.com Cheers and Beers, (Dr.) Paddy Ryan
  13. I was lucky enough to dive with Jim Abernethy last year. I only had one housing then but shot a lot of macro at night. Take it. Cheers, Paddy Ryan
  14. Hi Ken, Shore diving isn't big in Fiji. But most of the land-based resorts offer two dives a day in their package. I just came back from leading a group to Dive Kadavu. If the wind direction is okay (you need the South easterly trades or no wind at all) shore diving in front of the resort should be good (I only snorkeled). You fly to Nadi and then catch a puddle jumper to the island of Kadavu. The resort will pick you up. Food is good and the diving great. Saw my first ever great hammerhead here and they throw in a free shark dive. Cheers, Paddy Ryan Author of Fiji's Natural Heritage
  15. I'm leading a dive trip to the Raja Ampat Islands, July 6 - July 20, 2008. We are a non-smoking group, a mixture of experienced divers and relative beginners. We all enjoy life and expect you to do so as well! If you are interested please contact me at paddyaryan@gmail.com Land cost $2800 ... air likely to be under $2000 from LAX. Cheers, (Dr.) Paddy Ryan
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