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  1. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate all of your suggestions and assistance. I've just had it with the PC-110's quality, and rather than go with a large 3 CCD unit, the HC7 seems to be my best bet. If anyone's interested in the videos I've shot thusfar with the 110, they're on youtube...search for "ooblick" but ignore the "oobleh" one cuz that isn't mine :-).
  2. Do any of you guys find you need lights for daytime use? I appreciate the Gates suggestion and am looking through their stuff now. Thanks! We go home tomorrow. Boo hiss!
  3. I am currently shooting a PC-110 in a Light and Motion Mako housing. Yes, it is a 1 chip camera and is very limited in the results I can get. I have arthritis in the wrist and hand, so I can't carry around a big/heavy unit, and am looking for a housing for my new Sony HC7. According to some of the threads I've read, to get good results, lights are a MUST. Is this indeed the case? I generally don't go below 100 feet unless something is really cool. With the 110, I don't use lights much and thought I could get away with the same type thing if I housed the HC7. I'm a bit put off with Light and Motion after sending the Mako in for an overhaul/check before my trip to Bonaire (which I'm still on...w00t) and getting here found that the monitor back is inop. Grumble. So what do y'all think? I'd appreciate any suggestions.
  4. This may be a rather dumb question, but how's the shutter lag on that puppy? I'm trying to decide on cameras, and I think I've been spoiled by DSLRs, but I wanted something smaller and easier to travel with. I tried the Olympus SP350 and one of the Canon Sure Shots underwater but was driven nuts by the shutter lag and constant pictures of fish tails. Your shots are magnificent, and look as if there is either very little shutter lag, or you're amazing at guessing.
  5. Hmmm.... can you put external strobes on the Olympus housing? Thanks!
  6. I'm trying to decide what digicam to use underwater. I'll be migrating (downgrading) from a Nikon D100 in a Sea and Sea housing. I realize that the quality will likely be different, but I have had one too many strained muscles carrying my huge pelican case through airports and customs. I was also considering the Canon G9. Are there any other cameras I should be considering?
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