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  1. Thanks for any help. Can't find it.
  2. That DID it! Thank you very much! I fretted over that one for a couple hours.
  3. I'm setting up my wife's camera for a trip. Everything seems to work. I'm using a pair of optical synch cables Herb Ko sold me. I put a piece of black film over the camera flash to allow only the IR to come through the window. Synch on both Inon Z220 strobes works fine. Here's the issue: I set it all up in the housing on a tripod. I test-fired it at 1/60 f/8 at a target three feet away in manual camera mode, and started adjusting the strobe power levels for exposure. I'm using optical synch mode. Surprise! Full power yields a flash, but no exposure value. If I take it down to -1 or -2 power setting, I get a decent exposure. Taking it down to lower power levels yields decreasing exposures, but not as low as full power. What the hay is going on? Am I going nuts? Yes!
  4. Hi Eric, I think this image would be better as a vertical. Some of the tentacles on the sides will not be looked at by the casual viewer because of the clownfish being so bright. Also, a vertical might not have cut off the body of the fish, which, even if out of focus, bothers me a bit. The exposure could be pulled back a bit to get a better saturation of the orange. (Maybe it's my new monitor!)
  5. Craig, Thank you for your advice. I've learned something.
  6. Thanks Craig, I thought "white" balance meant "white". I've been using sand as a white balance reference for a lot of my uw video and it seems to work fine. If a gray card or a "gray glove" is a better reference, I can do that. If I use a gray card, will the camera set gray as white and somehow overexpose anything that is lighter than the gray card? Or is it JUST color that is of concern?
  7. I've read in several places that people sometimes use gray cards to set white balance. I'm trying to figure out why. Can anyone help?
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